Money Does Matter

It doesn’t matter it’s only money…Money can’t buy you happiness…

Have you heard yourself saying things like this before? Do you really believe it or are you just trying to convince yourself money’s not important because you don’t have any? These justifications can make us feel good, but only for a fleeting second.

Because pretty soon, you’ll turn around and the evidence will stare you in the face as to why money does matter.

Why money matters

Your back starts aching again and you think about how you’d love to visit the chiropractor to heal it. You walk down the organic food aisle and you sink a little as you know you can’t give back to your body in the way you really want. You reach for the apples coated in chemicals instead.

You drag your feet to show up at a job you don’t like because you have to pay the bills. You return home of an evening despaired because that’s all your doing. There’s not much left over for YOU. Some months there just isn’t enough for the bills.

The stress of it causes your health to suffer and even worse your relationships with those closest to you.

When you say money doesn’t matter, you ignore the bills and pay more in late fees while the debt escalates, you show up late for work and leave early, you miss the deadlines, you waste the savings, and you shut the door on the opportunities.

Keep on believing that money doesn’t matter.

There’s a part of me that believes it to a certain extent.

I’ve seen many people in third world countries who light up with happiness despite living in the most direst of circumstances. They have a level of acceptance that many of us in the Western World wouldn’t understand or have had to reach. We’ve got a baseline that’s higher. We’ve entered in a society where we know we can do better.

But, I know that those living in the direst of circumstances with a belly cramped up in hunger pains lying on a muddy floor under a roof made from cardboard box would say that money does matter.

It does.

It’s not the ultimate, but it can help you reach the ultimate.

Ultimate health. Ultimate love. Ultimate fulfillment. Ultimate freedom.

And these are the things that bring us happiness.

How money matters to me now

We’re taking some long drives in Australia at the moment as we drive to towns separated by thousands of kilometres of red dirt and scrub-land. There’s plenty of time for thinking and just being.

I was thinking how different my life is now and I realized the biggest difference is that I no longer stress or strive. I just sit in a place of happiness and fulfillment and total peace that allows me to appreciate and embrace each moment.

I asked myself – what’s changed? Why can I do this now? Why am I no longer looking ahead desperate to get to the life where I’ll be happy? How come I just am now and I don’t need much else?

The answers. First and foremost – meditation. It’s the greatest portal for change and helping you live from present and peace.

But the other very clear answer I got was I no longer worry about money.

In reflection I could see just how huge an impact the stress of it had on my life and happiness. I couldn’t sit in the present moment because I was so stressed about not providing for my needs in the future one.

Money does matter.

Craig and I no longer argue (well at least arguments caused by stress over money. Now it’s silly things like you stay on the toilet too long!)

I don’t buy organic food all the time, but I can now have a diet that involves nutritious food like quinoa, raw cacao, salmon, blueberries, nuts, and coconut oil – things that elevate my health, that previously I could not buy because I was telling myself money didn’t matter. Instead my diet consisted of frozen fish fingers and baked beans.

How much money matters?

I once thought perhaps you wouldn’t reach the point of not worrying about money until you had a bank balance with seven zeros, but I now know that’s not the case. You just need enough zeros to meet your needs AND your desires.

You have to be careful how you define those desires. If they are defined based upon what your soul craves, and not how you think others will perceive you if you have those things, then you’re on the path to a happy life and a better relationship with money.

Money does matter.

It’s excesses of it, that’s not used with the purpose to create a nourishing journey for our soul and help improve the lives of others that makes it seem bad.

In reality, its not the money that’s bad, its the choices people make with it.

Money does matter for you

Money does matter.

It helped me to arrive in this place of pure freedom, of not really wanting or needing anything. It’s helped me to follow my feelings in the present moment. And it’s taken away worry, stress and pain. I no longer continue to beat myself up for being a failure and unworthy.

Money does matter.

It’s a mantra I want you to continue saying to yourself. Our society has such a  bad, negative energy surrounding money and I want to help change that. I want you to embrace and develop a better relationship with money so you have the choice to live a life your soul loves.

It’s the best way to make a greater impact upon the world.

Why does money matter to you?

Money does matter. Make a list today of all the ways it does matter.

How can it help you? What problems do you have? How would money be a way to solve that problem for you? And when its solved how do you feel? 

Focus on those feelings and embrace money as a pathway that can help you arrive there.

Money does matter.

How does money matter to you?

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19 thoughts on “Money Does Matter”

  1. In my early to mid-twenties I was single, living and working outside of Washington, DC and making decent money. But I was spending every red cent. I would get stressed and wonder how I could be so broke when I had no real commitments (house, kids, etc). Fast forward to 2010 when hubby and I got married and I was ready to kill him in the grocery store because we were so tapped out (after paying for wedding and honeymoon with cash). I hated that feeling! Almost immediately after that grocery store argument, I found out about Dave Ramsey and we signed up to take his Financial Peace class. Things have never been the same. We have sold things, traded down in vehicles and worked multiple jobs to pay off our debt. While we aren’t debt free yet, we have the freedom that you talk about. We don’t stress about keeping up with the newest trends just to impress people we don’t even like! 🙂 For our anniversary and Christmas we usually do *something* (rock climb, ice skate, etc) instead of buy each other junk we really don’t need. It’s been so wonderful and we are at the point that yes, money matters, but it doesn’t run our life. We run it!

    1. I love doing that at Christmas time – we do the same. I’m not a fan of Christmas at all of the over commercialism of it. I prefer it to be just about good memories and spending time with those you care about- not getting things!

  2. Money does matter, but it should never be a goal. Money is a mean to achieve your goals, not the goal in it self, then and only then it really can bring happiness.

    1. Absolutely! And when you switch that focus to it being part of the journey rather than the destination, your relationship with it changes for the better

  3. Money does matter, especially if you have a family, in todays life everything is luxury, traveling, school, great food or high quality medical care. You dont need a lot in your life, but you need financial freedom.

    1. Yep. I learned the importance of it over the past couple of years when my health took a total dive. The money really mattered then. The free medical treatment did naught. I was only when I started paying for alternative treatments that my conditions improved. If you don’t have the money, you don’t have that pathway.

  4. Travelling Foteini

    Couldn’t agree more Caz! I have a bachelor’s and Master’s, speak 4 languages and have been working for 10 years – the last 6 years as a secondary EFL teacher in public education. In 2009, there was a 30% cutback in my salary and recently a 20% cutback in my husband’s salary following the debt crisis (oh and did I mention, his employer is 5(!) months behind in his payments?). Now having a total income of 1730 euros as a couple, paying constantly increasing taxes and counting every penny just gets me down (mainly because we can’t afford to travel any more) and the situation is only getting worse.
    So, as Elisabeth Gilbert wrote (I think it was in “Committed”) money doesn’t bring happiness but it brings OPTIONS.
    It’s what I have been thinking these days while I am studying for a really tough translator competition in the European Commission (first salary 4500 euros!!! and relocation to Brussels). The chances are 1 in 30 but at least I am trying to change our circumstances while my husband seems resigned to living like this. Sorry for the rant!

    1. Rant away! I completely understand how you feel. I love who you are saying how you are taking action – I think it’s super powerful and I’m sending you lots of positive vibes for the opportunity in Brussels. Keep believing its yours and you deserve it. It’s now time for you to move up and out of rock bottom.

  5. Definitely wise words here. I don’t think that money matters to the extent that some people place its emphasis on, but it definitely matters to some extent. To what extent that is definitely depends on your needs and desires (as you said). Great post!

  6. Caz: The same happened to me 3 years ago, conventional medicine had no answer for me, so as you said i was paying for alternative (a lot)
    The best way is to be wealthy and healthy 🙂
    Travelling Foteini: Good luck for your application in Brussel, it is a roulette, but if you have enough luck, it is a great opportunity ( I did R&D projects for EU )

    1. LOL – kidding! I want to have more money so I don’t have to continually think about it! This is the freedom that I crave so I don’t have to think about spending $30 on one dish at dinner. I can’t wait for your money cleanse project to launch so I can open the gates for money to flow into my life! Thank you Caz!

  7. I agree with the notion that “Money does matter!” I’ve always scoffed at the idea that it doesn’t. People that say it doesn’t, usually have enough of it. When I first arrived in Canada on a Working Holiday, I was having some dental problems. I went to the dentist and he gave me some bad news: to fix my problems I would have to pay over $2000! I felt like crying. Thankfully I had some savings to draw from, but I couldn’t stop thinking if I didn’t have those savings the dental costs would have wiped me out and possibly made the next few years of my life a lot tougher and sadder.

    I disagree with the philosophy of “Money does matter!” though. It might have a large bearing on our lives but I feel like using it as a mantra will lead to nothing more than greed and sadness. If all we do is focus on money and making it…well…we’re definitely going to miss out on the finer things in life. Which rather paradoxically are the things we’re hoping to get by obtaining money.

    1. I think if you have a very clear understanding of your purpose for why you want to money and how you best want to use it in a way that will nourish and serve then having money does matter as a mantra will not lead to greed and sadness. I think this is a great myth that people have. I know so so many people who are wealthy who do extraordinary things to help others. They do way way more than those who don’t have money will ever do. It is possible to not be greedy, it’s just a matter of individual choice and focus, not anything to do with money. Abundance is the source of all things. And the more you have the more you can give.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dan! Definitely helps me to clarify my own more. Those dental bills are killer!

  8. Amazing post Caz. You are so right – money is absolutely important. It is what enables us in a modern society, but can be a real drag if you don’t have enough of it to get by. I think the question people need to ask themselves is “how much money do we need?”. This can easily be calculated objectively; but it goes hand in hand with a personal understanding of priorities and accepting that with limited resources, we can’t have it all and nor should we expect to.

  9. I agree with you here. Money does matter. What I’ve learned in life is I’ve been both with it and without it and definitely know what I prefer! Especially at winter time in England. What money gives is flexibility and opportunity and they to me are two of the most important things in life to enable you to fulfill your dreams.

  10. Thanks for those words of wisdom. Money does matter! The goodbook says money answereth all things so i agree with you. But what most people think is that you need lots of money to see the world. But i disagree because passion usually overrides the love for money or the lack of it. Ask anybody here in Ghana what they really want to do and most of them will tell you they want to see the world but they dont have the means to do so!

  11. Good blog. We are also a family on extended travel.

    Money does matter; from my experience, people with lots of money, have no time – and people with lots of time, have no money. The trick is to strike a balance and have both. I makes me rethink “time is money”, as on this extended travel, although living simply, i feel wealthy.

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