22 Reasons to Cruise on Carnival Spirit

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How many reasons do YOU need to go on a cruise with Carnival Spirit?

Well, when you’re on a ship that’s nearly the length of three football fields and 12 decks tall of things to do, see, taste and try I can recommend a few good reasons whether you’re after an action-packed holiday or just want to relax and unwind.

Here’s 22 good reasons to cruise on Carnival Spirit:

1. Sail from Sydney

In case you haven’t heard, from October 20th, 2012 Carnival Spirit will be making it’s home base in Sydney. If there is a more stunning harbour in the world than Sydney I haven’t seen it. Just imagine starting and ending your cruise with Sydney Harbour as your back drop.

Carnival Spirit will be the first Carnival ship to be based outside the US permanently, and the largest ship based in Australia year round. Year round cruise options will include New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. This could be your view…

a harbour
Sydney Opera House and skyline

2. Interconnecting Family Rooms

Whilst there are heaps of staterooms and suites to choose from to cater to everyone’s needs and budget, it was the interconnecting staterooms that were ideal for us as a family. It’s basically where two rooms become one, like in a hotel. If you have kids and want them close but you still need your own space then this is the room for you.

Our room was quite spacious and well appointed with ample storage. It had a flat screen TV in each room, a bathroom in each room, and a  joint balcony. It was a great haven for us as a family to rest and relax after a full day of cruise activities…

people lying on a bed
Interconnecting Stateroom

3. Over 40 Activities Per Day

As they say you can go from zen to adrenaline and every speed in between. There are over 40 activities per day including dance classes, a bartender program, fitness classes, dodgeball, cooking demonstrations and much more…

4. Serenity Deck

At the very back of the ship is the Serenity Deck which is an adults only sanctury (18yrs +) that is a free area to enjoy at your leisure. For us the Serenity Deck fitted perfectly with the words “Kids Club”. As busy parents to two young daughters it’s not often we get much down time, so the idea of relaxing uninterupted on Serenity Deck whilst Kalyra was happy socializing with kids her own age in the Kids Club was very appealing.

This kid free haven has padded turquoise deck chairs, cabanas, comfy lounges, a pool, a heated spa, and soft music playing in the background. So grab a drink, or a book and enjoy the 270 degree views of the ocean…

a man sitting on a lounge outside
serenity in the cabana
the back of a boat
Serenity Deck

 5. Hit the Pools

It wouldn’t be a cruise without hanging by the pool. And with two family friendly pools and spas on board, plus the pool and spa in “Serenity” you and your kids can swim, play, or relax till your hearts are content.

The pool deck is pumping with live music and fruity cocktails. Each day there is a cocktail of the day, ours was a Pina Colada inside a pineapple…

people swimming in a pool
Kalyra and Daddy
a woman drinking out of a pineapple
Cocktails by the pool

6. Bar Hop

Want a drink and a place to relax? With 16 bars and lounges to choose from featuring live entertainment and shows you are well catered for. There’s a sports bar, piano bar, pool bars, nightclub, comedy club, karaoke bar, a casino, and more…

a woman holding up a drink
Mojito time

7. The Jogging Track

Want to take your daily run (or walk) whilst on your cruise then never fear as the Spirit’s upper deck transforms into a full-size jogging track. The sun lounges are removed to make way for the steady stream of active people both morning and night.

For us, it was great to take our family stroll whilst watching the sun set over the ocean…

people walking on a cruise deck
Evening sunset walk

8. The Fitness Centre

The two-deck fitness centre is another way to stay active and in-shape whilst on board. It has recently benefited from an investment in new cardio and weight machines. Need a fitness assessment on board? Then make an appointment with the full-time gym instructor…

9. Yummy Food

There are food options galore for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are three sit-down restaurants as well as a cafe and sushi bar with endless options from sushi to steak and pizza to chocolate melting cake. We really enjoyed the Nouveau Steakhouse (nominal charge) where you dine under the stars at this spectacular two-level restaurant located within the glass-covered funnel.

And your kids will not want for anything, with Kid-friendly options always on the menu…

a plate of food

a plate of food
sushi time

10. Eat Ice Cream and Pizza 24/7

Your kids will jump for joy at the 24 hour Pizza and Ice Cream on offer in the Lido deck. If the major restaurants and cafes aren’t enough, you can top them up here at any time of the day…

11. Kids Club

One of the great things about Carnival Spirit was the youth programs. Not only will your kids love the activities and hanging out with other kids their own age, but it’s a welcome time out for us busy parents.

There are three different youth programs catering to different ages:

  • Camp Carnival where kids ages 2-11 have their own space, games, paints, crayons, scavenger hunts, and pool area. Kalyra loved her time at Camp Carnival and the counselors were fantastic.
  • Circle “C”. Teens 12–14 hang out for late-night movies, night time swims, sports, latest video games and dance parties.
  • Club 02. Teens 15–17 gather in their own lounge area to play the latest video games, dance on the state-of-the-art dance floor, or just relax and chat with friends at the non-alcoholic drink bar.
kids sitting on a mat
Kids club

12. Mini Golf

Everyone loves a game of mini golf here and there. How about enjoying a round with uninterrupted ocean views on the top deck of your cruise liner! We had so much fun playing with Kalyra on the 9 hole mini-golf course. On Carnival, you have unlimited time and games to enjoy with the whole family…

a man playing mini golf
Kalyra and Daddy

13. The Waterpark

Once Carnival Spirit begins sailing out of Sydney in October, this will be the largest waterpark at sea in Australia. The younger kids will love the mini-slide and “splash zone” which comprises of a giant splash bucket that once full drenches everyone in it’s path below…

kids going down waterslides
Mini racing slides
kids playing in a waterpark
Splash zone

14. Green Thunder

The adults and older kids will love Green Thunder, the fastest water slide in all of cruising. Your adrenaline starts pumping as the count down begins to the floor beneath you dropping away as you shoot vertically downwards at high speed, twist over the edge of the ship, and then shoot out the other end.

It is a surreal experience. The attendant counts you down and before you know it you are dropping and shooting through the water tunnel at speeds that can only drive your costumes up your butt…

overview of a cruise ship
Green Thunder
a waterslide
Green Thunder

15. Room Service

If there’s one thing we highly recommend you do on your cruise, it’s have breakfast in your cabin. Being able to lay in bed, look out the glass sliding door of your balcony over the water, and then have breakfast delivered to you was very pleasureable.

How often do you get the chance to sit on your balcony in the fresh air and enjoy a nice breakfast and a coffee whilst watching the sun rise over the ocean. Just do it…

a woman having breakfast in bed
Breakfast in bed
a woman standing on a boat deck
Coffee on our room balcony

16. The Chocolate Extravaganza Buffet

Yep, if all the restaurants, the 24/7 ice cream and pizza, and the room service experience isn’t enough, then look out because here comes the chocolate. Just wait until your kids set their eyes on the chocolate extravaganza buffet. Remember the jogging track and fitness centre I mentioned? You might be needing it…

a tray of food
Chocolate extravaganza

17. The Sports Court

Up near the mini golf course is a multi-function sports court. You can shoot some hoops, participate in a game of dodgeball, and I believe game’s of cricket will be incorporated into the activities now that Spirit will call Australia home…

18. Sunsets and Sunrises

One of our favourite things about taking our first ever cruise was witnessing the awesome sunsets and sunrises each day with uninteruppted views from either the top deck, or our own private room balcony…

A sunset over a body of water
sunset over the ocean

19. Relax

If you normally have busy schedules like us, then you will appreciate the opportunity to just do nothing.

After you’ve checked out the ship and participated in all the activities, there is ample room such as the upper deck, serenity deck, or even your own balcony to grab a book, grab some sun, or even an hours sleep and unwind and rejuvenate…

a man sitting on a pool chair
get some sun

20. The Chef’s Table

For a truly unique dining experience sign up for the Chef’s table, which is a dinner hosted by the Head Chef. Your VIP experience starts with a tour of the galley where you witness the behind the scenes operation of what goes into the preparation and making of the meals on board.

The evening concludes with a multicourse full-service dinner of amazing appetizers, entrees and desserts not found on the regular dining menus with wine pairings for every course. Limited to 12 guests and it costs a very reasonable $75 per person…

chefs working in a kitchen
Galley tour
just one of the many courses

21. Jimmy’s C-Side BBQ

This new restaurant will offer backyard and beach BBQ delights such as Aussie sausages and grilled chicken breasts.

22. “Aussiefication”

If you like all things Aussie, then with Spirit’s move downunder comes the transformation into an Aussie equipped ship. There will be Aussie power points, no automatic tipping required, Aussie coffee and beer, and the onboard currency will be Australian Dollars.

QUESTION: So, which reason do you like best?…

Disclaimer: We travelled as guests of Carnival Cruise Lines

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