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Want To Give Your Brand Instant Access To A Highly Engaged Online Audience of International Travelers?

Want to leverage the credibility & respected voice of a key social media influencer within the independent travel community? As one of the world’s top independent travel blogs, there are many skills and services we can offer to brands, tourist boards, and individuals looking to increase their brand or blog’s exposure!

Companies we’ve worked with

We’ve worked with various companies and tourism boards on creative campaigns.

  • Nissan and Kidspot
  • Ford
  • Qantas
  • Trover
  • Microsoft
  • Shell
  • Tourism Australia
  • Destination NSW
  • Tourism Queensland
  • Tourism Authority of Thailand

What others have said:

“This was the first integrated campaign that Qantas had proactively engaged with bloggers. Craig and Caz were a fantastic example of how this strategy and approach can deliver impressive results for an iconic brand. They have been fantastic advocates of the Qantas brand and that is something we are extremely grateful to them for. We hope to continue a close relationship with them in the future”. - Rachel Butler, Qantas Airways

Our goal is to create win-win relationships! To discuss how we can work together e.g. content creation, ambassadorships, sponsored posts, sponsorships, or to gain access to our media kit, please contact us directly at: cazcraig [at] ytravelblog [dot] com

A snapshot of our Statistics

For a snapshot of our blog stats taken from Google analytics:

  • Unique monthly visits: 350,988
  • Monthly Page views: 449,898
  • Newsletter subscribers: 11,000 (sent weekly)

Social Media followers:

  • Facebook: 34,149
  • Pinterest:  4.3 million
  • Twitter:      30,678
  • Instagram: 6,274


We offer sponsored posts and banner advertising. Please contact us to receive our full media-kit and to talk through your ideas at: cazcraig[at]ytravelblog[dot]com


36 Comments on “Work With Us”

  1. Hello,

    how much you charge to write a 500 word post ?

    • Zahid please send us an email at cazcraog[at]ytravelblog[dot]com to discuss this further

      • miodrag

        hello what is new , i wont to traveling and work with you….

  2. Hi, this is a question for you. Is it crazy to start a big travel solo at 38?? I have done a bit of travel in past and loved it. I can be as shy and scared as they come somedays and then the most outgoing others. I do have a solid nest egg of funds saved to take me a ways just not the companionship except for fear. I know from past travels I have been paralyzed by fear….where to go, what to do with my day etc. but then I have had amazing times where I got involved, studied for a Padi DM cert and even started a massage business on a small Carribean Island. It’s been a handful of years since then and I have been packing my funds away for the next chapter of travel to begin but in these years of not doing it I feel I lost my spark and my age has gotten away from me. It’s different when your 20 and off for a travel getting to the next hostel meeting up with plenty of others your age. So what’s your thoughts of a solo 38 year old lady looking to buy the one way ticket to the world? Have you come across many others like me in your travels?

    • Yes, yes and yes! I think you should go for it. I know lots of people in their sixties reclaiming their life back and following their desires to travel. I think all you need to focus on is the fact that you have done it over and over again despite being afraid. You know what to do and you know what to expect. You really are no different now at 38 then you were at 28, it’s just a mindset. Sure your body changes a bit but your mind is a strong and robust as ever- just a little wiser this time.
      I think you will really regret it if you don’t follow burning desire you have. Learn to control your fears don’t let them control you. Check you Janice’s blog You will love her and her story.

    • By all means start traveling.I will be 60 in Nov. and have traveled since I was a kid. I live in Vegas 1/2 the year and rent the condo through airbnb. I own a business in Vegas and they don’t need me here. I have the good luck to fly free on United. I’m planing my trip now to either Sydney or Amsterdamn depending on what flights are available. I tarvel cheap stay in Hostals with 20 year old’s rent from airbnb cheaper hotels. Caz is right there’s no differenance between 28 or 38 or 60 your just wiser as you get older.

    • LIke everyone else has said – just do it. I am 60 and planning a northern India trip in late 2014 for the Pushkar Camel Fair. Will probably travel on my own because my partner ca’t for health reasons.

  3. Hi,

    I’m a travel blogger working for an online travel company and strangely I hardly get to travel. I was wondering how can I start as I don’t have any ideas and money. How can I work with you?


  4. Yvonne Brookes

    Hi, love your site/blog and love the family aspect. I had my family young and started to travel in my late 30’s. I travel with my husband, my sister or by myself. I also travel with permanent crutches. Solo female, late 40’s now, and with crutches! Never knew I could be so adventurous. I find that Asia is a great place for travel on my own as people there are always willing to help or assist if that is what I need. Most other tourists I meet are shocked I come on my own and assume that I have had an accident on holiday, there are some priceless looks when I tell them I came like this! I am having a few withdrawals right now as my condition has flared up and it looks like surgery is called for soon so when I came back in November from 3 weeks away I did not start planning my next adventure :( I will just have to satisfy my travel dreams through your site for now but I am always planning in my head and my laptop holds so much info for future adventures. Happy travels

  5. Rick Elenbaas


    My name is Rick Elenbaas and I am working for Outrider, an online marketing agency based in Sydney (Australia).

    I have some clients in the travel industry that would like to publish syndicated informational content on your website, in exchange for links inside the article. Do you offer this kind of partnership?

    If this is not possible, what kind of partnership or sponsorship could you offer me?

    Thank you in advance.

  6. Véronique Haché

    Hey guys,
    I have been traveling for quite a number of years now and I wrote my very first travel blog about my trip to Morocco. I would love to share my experience with others. Is there a way you could publish/post/share my story on your travel blog? I’ve never done this before so I’m not sure how it should work.

    Since you are one of the world’s top travel blog, I believe you are the most experience to guide me.


    • Hi Vero
      Thank you for your offer. We don’t publish unsolicited guest posts.

  7. Hi Guys!

    Just wondering if you have any tips for an aspiring Aussie travel blogger?
    Sam D recently posted..Strange Sights of Bangkok
    Sam D recently posted..Strange Sights of Bangkok

  8. Hi,

    I came across your blog while I was looking for good reads on travel. My sister and I, two travel lovers, just started a travel blog. It is just 2 days old, but we are so excited that it is getting a lot of attention already – I would really appreciate if an experienced blogger like you would check our blog, comment/ provide recommendations, and re-blog (if you do) the posts you like from my blog.

    Thanks and regards
    Dee recently posted..Big Sur – July 2012
    Dee recently posted..Big Sur – July 2012

  9. Thing to do in Montenegro! Visit us!
    Thank you.

  10. Dear Sir, Madam

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    If you like to work with us, I can give to you best rate. Give me your packages, I can do how much cost for and tours and work out and reply to you. We have best rate for the hotels.

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  11. Hi …. my name is omran and i have tourist car in jordan and i would like to work with you . thank you

  12. Hello this is one of the best tour operators in Kerala. How can i get audience for my site using ytravelblog

  13. Robbie C Newman

    My husband and I have been traveling for over thirty years. I am a senior and I do not have a web page I would like to have one. I am retired of course. I am looking for something to keep going my church senior go somewhere every September that is a for sure trip. Sidney is on my bucket list and some others. What can I do how can you help me. We are going on a cruise to the Bahamas July 1-5. I have been there so many time I lost count can ride the bus there also. I am just going back with some first times travels. We got up a family and friends cruise. A few of my places of travel are, Paris, France. Aruba, Greece. Jesusland, Italy, Panama, Canal. about 15 cruises also Alaska. I have traveling in my blood.

    • Love the sound of your upcoming adventure and all the travel you still want to do. Keep embracing it

  14. Robbie C Newman

    Hello, Caz and Craig. I love your site if nothing but to read about all of the places and comments of others. I am retired and try to stay in the know of places to go. I want to learn about other people cultures I think if we really knew people the world would be a better place to live and if we loved one another GOD would be more happy with us.

    • I absolutely agree Robbie. That is so why we decided to start this blog, we believe in the power of travel to bring everyone closer and we want to do our bit to help people experience more travel

  15. hi, i love your site.. i traveled a lot in the past while i worked on cruiseline and now trying to bring all my experience by start writing.. can you maybe give me some recommendation on how to become a good travel writer.. cheers…
    Bzaleel recently posted..Andalucia, A Wonderful Holiday Destination.
    Bzaleel recently posted..Andalucia, A Wonderful Holiday Destination.

  16. Arianna Bianchi

    Hi everybody,

    I am a primary teacher but I like travelling and take photos of my journeys. Is it possible to work with you ? i look forward to hearing from you. I don’t succeed in emailing to remarks@theremarkablesgroup.

    Yours sincerely
    Arianna Bianchi

    • Go to the Contact Us page Arianna and send us a message as to how you would like to work together

  17. Hi
    I have a tour company and a lodge located close to a national park and a lake, I would like to find a working/business partner from USA, Europe, or Australia to diversify my sales.


  18. Dear Caz,

    I have been hunting for a reputable travel blog to advertise our sales, and happened to come across your site. It is very hard to get an email from your marketing agent (it seems our emails sent to their IP address get blocked). We need some advice to fine-tune our vietnam family tours with children offered specifically to Australian families, before we get a small banner on your blog (can be a subpage or homepage depending on the price). Here is the link to our sample family tours offers I would appreciate to get your reply soonest possible to help us make the decision on paid advertisement.
    Kind regards

  19. Hello, Caz and Craig.
    I am about to complete my graduation in bachelor’s in hotel management and tourism studies. I’m very much interested in travelling and when i was going through travel blogs i came across your blog, they are really inspiring and for a person like me who’s dream is of travelling the globe, it matters a lot.
    so, please let me know if there is any means by which i can join you people and make my dream come true …..

    i want to make tour around the world since my i am always influenced by reading your and other trav elling blogs

  20. Hi Caz and Craig, I am a freelance travel blogger/musician taking my guitar, Mic and drum Maschine around the world – I am inspired by your travels and would like to know more about the sounds, memorable musicians you heard along the way. Kind regards Kristian – i have a freelance piece here if ok to post?? did you visit costa rica on your travels ?
    Kristian Zwart recently posted..Hotel La Diosa
    Kristian Zwart recently posted..Hotel La Diosa

  21. I want to be paid to travel the world and blog! Please advise!

    • Hi Frank,
      Please visit this page and start reading about travel blogging I’d suggest doing some of the courses I mention in the resource post. You will have to put in 2-3 years of serious work before you start to receive any kind of benefits, especially monetary It’s not as easy as it looks.

  22. Really Nice blog. i also run a travel blog and i love your blogging style.
    Sanju kmr recently posted..Experiencing the skiing resort of Montgenèvre
    Sanju kmr recently posted..Experiencing the skiing resort of Montgenèvre

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