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There’s a yearning inside of you to travel. You’re tired of life in the hamster wheel and you just want to reclaim a little freedom back. A chance to just slip into a hammock undisturbed at sunset with a ice cold drink and a slow sway to the tunes of Jack Johnson.

Or maybe a bit of Jimmy Buffet. We all secretly yearn for a little taste of Margaritaville.

Maybe, it’s something more you want to escape to – a trek to Machu Picchu, teaching English in China, or a gap year that turns into three – like mine did.

Travel is something that’s hard to define because each of us have our own interpretation of what the ultimate form of travel looks like.

I’m sure we can all agree that travel gives us a sense of ownership over our lives and offers that exotic spark of adventure and discovery that our day-to-day lives seem to gloss over. It’s a journey, not just into ancient forests, dry barren lands and whisky buckets, but into the depths of our own souls.

We get your vibe.

You just want more time to elevate your happiness and sense of inner peace.

That little bit more of you time, of love time, of chill out time, of adventure time, of deeper connections, and better memories.

You want the chance to tell more enriching stories and have something to laugh about in the years to come.

To just embrace the now before it’s too late.

We caught this bug 16 years ago, and have been travelling ever since. It’s our absolute passion to help others follow the same bliss. And we’ve been changing people’s lives to do that on this travel blog since 2010.

If you’re looking for a place to further fuel your desire for travel and a little push to help you believe you can do it, you’re in the right place.

From dreams to reality, we want to help you travel more and create better memories.

How we can help you

South Stradbroke Island

We’re here to tell you your life does not have to fit in a box. Screw the picket fence, the full-time job that sucks you dry, and the monotonous peak hour traffic runs.

You can have this, if you want it. But, we’re pretty sure you don’t. You at least want to escape it for weekends and a few weeks during the year.

It’s not about fitting into the rules of convention and trying to make it work, putting on the fake smile and saying, I’m doing all right, when really you’re busting your butt to make ends meet and having no fun in between.

We’re here to show you you can travel the world on little dime, you can rock up in a country where you know no one and have life-changing experiences, you can travel with the one you love and have a thriving relationship, and you can create a strong life-long bond with your children through the shared memories of travel.

We’re here to help you open up that space for more travel and better memories, and greater happiness.

And just to be clear, we’ve done all of the above without a trust fund, without special privileges, or well-connected friends. We’ve made it happen with an intense desire and by putting one foot in front of the other.

We want you to have the same enjoyable ride. It’s all about life by design and we’re here to show you how. We share all our tips and strategies for travelling in a way that you love WITHOUT costing a fortune in our travel eguide. Just click here to get started on your dream travel life.

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Let us introduce ourselves


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We’re Caz and Craig Makepeace – serial travellers and bloggers, outdoor adventurers, sports fanatics, and sunset mojito lovers. We also wear the hats of writer, speaker, social media influencer, and mentor. We share the world through our stories and offer an abundance of tips to help people like you sate their desire for travel.

We believe if we can live this life of travel you can too.

We believe in fun, freedom, adventure, connection and discovery – it makes our lives richer and more meaningful.

With us it’s not a case of tell us why you can’t do something.

We’re a kick-away-those-limiting-beliefs-and-tell-us-why-you-can sorta people.

Here’s the truth:

Life is short and there never will be a perfect time for you to live your dreams.

Don’t wait until you’re old and cashing in your retirement money to start living. Your creaky knees will have no energy for early morning sunrise hikes and late night cocktails with new friends.

Do it now.

And don’t you think you can’t do it because you have kids.

We’re on a mission to show you travel doesn’t have to stop after kids.

I got so tired of people telling me once I fell pregnant my travel life was over. It was like becoming a mother meant you were walking into a prison cell.

I did not sign up for that!

Both our girls had their first international holiday before they were 6 months old, and we’re currently on an indefinite road trip around Australia.

This is what happens when you pursue your passion and do what it takes to make it your lifestyle. You’ll discover those barriers were just imagined and born from fear and doubt.

We’ll help you to kick away those fears and lean into the life your heart desires.

About this travel blog

Family Travel Bloggers

We started y travel blog in 2010 as a way to share all we knew to help you travel more – 16 years of round the world travel: living and working in 5 countries and travelling through 52.

We never realized our travel blog would grow so big. Miracles unfold when you follow the passion of your heart and share your unique self.

We help over 280,000 visitors to our blog every month, we inspire over 4 million travel addicts on Pinterest, and have over 60,000 people to talk travel with on our social media communities.

Virgin Australia named us as one of their top Australian bloggers for 2014, and our work is regularly syndicated by National Geographic, Lonely Planet and the Tourism Australia social communities.

We’re also ranked as Australia’s biggest travel blog and in the Top 5 in the world.

We’ve worked with brands such as Qantas, Ford, Nissan, Canon, Expedia, Hilton and many international and state tourist boards.

Lonely Planet, ABC radio, The Travel Show, Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner,  Pinterest, and Smart Company have featured us as experts in what we do.

We’ve also written the Ultimate Travel e-Guide: How to create the travel life you love without spending a fortune and Step into your Sacredness – 12 principles to create the life your soul dreams of.

We regularly speak at travel, blogging, and social media conferences. And have appeared as teachers in Create traffic Driving Images, Travel Blog Success, and Bright-Eyed and Blog Hearted.

All of this born from a passion and love for travel and just wanting to help others do the same.

What Others Are Saying about our travel blog

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Our personal journey to here

Yarrangobilly Caves  (68)

I, Caz, left home in 1997, 3 days after graduating from University to live in London. I lived in a house with up to 25 international travellers. I didn’t think twice about mid-week pub crawls and Sunday Sessions. It was fun and apparently soul evolving (well that’s what I like to say)

It wasn’t all just partying I travelled a lot too- Eurovan tour and treks through South East Asia (maybe with a little full-mooning thrown in)

Wineglass-bay-tasmania (15)

At this time, Craig, was carving up the length of the football field playing professional rugby league for the North Sydney Bears. He trained and played hard, and in the off season went in search for adventures in South Africa and the US.

When his football career ended prematurely, due to a overly flexible body, the passion for more travel began to stir within him. He had plans mapped out for indefinite travel when his carpentry training finished.

We met at the right time.

3 years after I first left, I returned home, ready to fatten the bank account and leave again for round 2. But, then a handsome young man walked in the pub one night and swept me off my feet. I couldn’t leave him for Ireland, so I waited. 2 years later we married, and 3 days after that we hopped on the plane to live our travel dreams together.

hiking zion national park utah
Hiking Angel Falls Zion NP

There was a lot less partying- it was still present- but this time we embraced a little more adventure and exploration: UK, Africa, Asia and the US. You can’t help but feel hopeful about a marriage that starts with a 5 year honeymoon!

Don’t worry it’s not all as perfect as it seems. We returned home after the honeymoon and hit a major slump. This travel life we loved was over.

That thinking changed everything and before we knew it we were chasing money making schemes all over the world trying to get the riches we needed to keep travelling. You can read more about that demise into hell here.

Let’s just say $500,000 and no self-esteem later we woke up.

Why do we need to wait until we have the money to live what’s in our hearts? Why not just start with what is in the heart today?

It wasn’t an easy journey out of the black hole, but as soon as we focused on what we loved and used that as a way to serve and change people’s lives things turned around.

And here we are now.

Living the life of travel we dreamed of.

Dangars Gorge - Armidale, Australia


This time with our two adorable daughters, Kalyra and savannah. Just us, a camper trailer and the wide expanses of a sun-burned country.

We live and share our dream with you.

We give you hope and inspiration that, despite all the limitations your mind is dreaming up for you right now, you can make that yearning inside your soul a reality.

If we can do it, you can too.

It doesn’t have to be but a dream! Let’s get started on your dream today.

P.S Here’s 33 things you didn’t know about us and a summary of our current road trip so far – 17,000kms on the road in Australia – Are we there yet?


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  3. Hi! This is exactly what i been dreaming to do with my life since i was like 15. I want to live all around the world. And get to know the most I can of the earth. I just wanted to know how you do it with the money? So you can be always traveling.

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