Why You Should Visit Wrightsville Beach 


Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina demands your attention

It forces you to get out of your head, your phones, your problems and connect back to what matters: spending quality times with those you love with nature and in an unhurried and simple way. 


Turn off all the crazy and visit Wrightsville Beach

If you’re looking to stay active on vacation, grab a bike, a paddle board, a swimsuit, your favorite book, and a towel and just disconnect. 

Sunset at southend of Wrightsville 

Why is Wrightsville Beach one of the best beach towns in North Carolina?

As soon as you drive over the bridge into town, you’ll see people out and about enjoying the sunshine and endless outdoor beauty. 


Wrightsville Beach is recognized as the birthplace of surfing in North Carolina! This town has a rich history of surf culture and is deemed one of the best surfing beaches in the USA.