11 Of the Best Things to Do In Waikiki with Kids (+ Eat & Stay)

Waikiki Beach is stunning. Looking down from the room, the beautiful blue water was crystal clear and you could see the reefs stretching all along the coastline. The water was still and calm and perfect conditions for my new found hobby, stand up paddle boarding – you can’t come to Hawaii and not do it.

Diamond Head Walk

It’s an easy walk to do with the kids. It looks hard and steep, but there are a lot of switchbacks making it easy. Be sure to take the 900 steps and follow in an anticlockwise direction to ease the flow of traffic. 

Pearl Harbor Tour

It was a fantastic educational experience for our kids and I was so impressed with how they behaved and what they learned. It’s the first time they have experienced anything to do with war. They were very respectful, listened attentively and absorbed the memorial and the meaning behind it. 

Spend a day at Waikiki Beach

Kahanamoku Beach provides a nice swimming area that is relatively safe for kids, and there’s plenty of space on the sand to lay your towel for sunbathing. 

Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon (at Hilton Hawaiian Village)

Looking for the best things to do in Waikiki with kids on the water? The five-acre saltwater lagoon next to the Hilton Hawaiian Village is awesome for families. 

Polynesian Luau

One of my favorite memories of our Hawaii trip was when Savannah got a tattoo from one of the male performers who happened to look just like Maui from Moana. She was convinced it was him and she was smitten. The look on her face was priceless. I think it’s a memory she’ll  never forget.