Spending more than six months of every year in Cyprus was never really in the game plan until we stood sliding into the ruts on a crumbling cliffside outside the tiny village of Peyia

Aphrodite’s Bath

A crystal clear pool and bubbling spring here mark where Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love used to bathe. Aphrodite was known more for lustful love than romantic love.  

Lara Bay

Moving eastwards along the coastline our eyes alight upon Lara Bay. This is a protected area for loggerhead turtles which return every summer to lay their eggs. 

Next up is the tiny harbour of Agios Georgio

It’s the sheer serenity that strikes you here. A clutch of fishing boats, a taverna to immediately get to work as the catch is hauled in.

Sea Caves

Sweeping our eyes along we reach the rocky shoreline of the Paphos Sea Caves and the unlikely recent tourist attraction of the wreck of the Edro III. 

Tombs of The King

The Tombs of the Kings are an early burial site carved out of solid rock and dating from 300 BC. Bodies were buried with goodies such as jewelry and cosmetic boxes. 

Paphos mosaic

A farmer made an accidental discovery while he was ploughing his field. He unearthed the Paphos Mosaics which would have originally been the floors of Roman noblesmen's villas.