Here we are. A decade of travel blogging experience under our belt. Not what we imagined when we started. I’m not sure what we imagined. We just knew someway somehow we were going to turn our passion for travel into a full-time lifestyle that helped others do the same.

1. Less About What You Do, But Who You Are

I believe success is less about all that stuff – of course, it matters – but you are more likely to create based upon WHO you are. This is our biggest strength – constant and never ending improvement. 

2. Building Relationships is Key

We have had many opportunities come to us because of our relationships, and we have made incredible friendships with many other bloggers in the travel space (and other niches) who are a constant source of support, inspiration, connection, and insights that help us to stay motivated and in the game. 

3. Work With the Right Partner

We have been so fortunate to partner with incredible companies and tourism destinations that fully align with our beliefs and our travel story. They allow us to create content in the way that suits our style of travel and messaging, as well as resonates with our readers, and weaves in their messages that fit with it.

4. BE GOOD ENOUGH – Give Up Shoulds and Could

I stop because I know reaching for that extreme will impact my health, quality time with those I love, my desires for freedom and fun and will reduce my laughter and joy. So I settle for Good Enough and somehow I find that elusive balance.⁠

5. Don’t Quit Too Soon

Figure out what works best where and why. Then stick with it as best you can. If you get feedback from your community that they love it, stick with it even more. 

6. Take Risks to Walk Your Talk

We’ve been able to leap when we had no wings and trust that we’d grow them on the way down. We had to. I knew if we didn’t, we’d remain stuck doing the same old thing and whining and complaining about how the universe overlooks us for others.