From the people to the food, to the stunning landscapes, and big-ticket attractions, my visit to Jordan was incredible and has inspired me to explore more of the Middle East. 

The Baptismal Site of Jesus at Bethany Beyond the Jordan

It hit me how monumental it was to be at the place where one of the most well-known, influential, and historically significant figures of all human history was baptized. 

Walking out of the Siq – the curving red and orange canyon path into Petra – and gazing upon the Treasury – the most iconic view of Petra – is a remarkable sight worthy of the New World Wonder label. 

Taking a 9-Mile Hike Through Petra

A Sunset Float in the Dead Sea

At 420 meters below sea level, it is also the lowest point on earth. Because of the high barometric pressure at this point, the air around the Dead Sea is up to eight percent richer in oxygen than that at sea level. 

If you’ve ever hopped on top of a camel – or alighted from one – you know it’s an awkward experience that upends your brain’s perception of what a safe animal mounting is. 

The Hilarious Frothing Camel Ride through Wadi Rum

Meeting Maya and the Scent for Color Program

She had a spirit that outshone the entire room, a confidence like no other, and she radiated joy and kindness as she engaged with everyone in the room. 

Somehow this weirdly wonderful path led me inside a navy-blue Mercedes Benz owned by the King of Jordan. In full character, we administered Royal waves to the fascinated spectators smiling, waving, and taking our photos as we cruised around Jordan’s capital city, Amman. 

Riding through the streets of Amman in a royal vehicle