We’re all looking for the holy grail to improve some aspect of our life. The step-by-step plan or blueprint that never fails. Formulas and plans can only go so far. Ultimately life improvement or success rests upon the person implementing or following the holy grail.

1. Ask for feedback

Notice I call it feedback, not criticism. They can be the same thing, except criticism doesn’t have a positive connotation, unless you put the word constructive in front of it. Don’t fear for it. Request it. Start with trusted friends and mentors. Tell them you want their honesty. Ask for their feedback on whatever area of your life you want to improve. 

2. Work on yourself

I’m an avid reader and devoted self-growth student. There is absolutely no way I’d be living the life I am now without this total commitment to working on myself. It’s opened me up, helped me become stronger and better, kinder with a bigger intention to do good things for the world.

3. Give up your excuse

You can improve your life and you are capable of so much more than you realize. Give yourself a chance. Make the commitment for the life improvement you want. Say you’ll do whatever it takes. And then tell the excuses to go away, that you’ll jump over any hurdles that come your way.

4. Embrace change

One of the reasons I love to inspire and encourage people to travel more is because they get so great at adapting and loving change – the ability to let go and try something new and remove attachments to all things. 

5. Embrace the struggle

You cannot improve your life without going through change. You cannot go through change without head-butting struggle. Struggle is proof that you’re growing. It’s how the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. It wouldn’t grow strong wings capable of flying if it didn’t’ struggle out of the cocoon.

6. Don’t fear the shadow

We all have shadows – the overwhelming doubts and fears that control the path we walk upon. Often they do it unnoticed and very subtly. We think the best way to get rid of them is to ignore them or run. But, quite simply it’s just to turn around and face them.