We just knew someway somehow we were going to turn our passion for travel into a full-time lifestyle that helped others do the same. We’ll share 10 of our key lessons, plus what we’d do differently. You’ll find plenty of nuggets of wisdom in the other post as well, so be sure to read that too. 

Less About What You Do, But Who You Are

These are circumstances mostly out of my control. The only thing I can control is myself and how I move forward. Do I collapse in a heap and quit? Or do I pick up, refine, and grow into something better? 

Building Relationships is Key

I’m not afraid to meet new people and make connections. This has made building valuable relationships an easy and enjoyable part of our business, and one that has proved to be very fruitful. 

Work With the Right Partners

They allow us to create content in the way that suits our style of travel and messaging, as well as resonates with our readers, and weaves in their messages that fit with it. 

BE GOOD ENOUGH – Give Up Shoulds and Coulds

I settle for GOOD ENOUGH and somehow I find that elusive balance.⁠ The key is knowing what your values are and what that good enough for fulfillment and happiness looks like. 

Don’t Quit Too Soon

Figure out what works best where and why. Then stick with it as best you can. If you get feedback from your community that they love it, stick with it even more. 

Take Risks to Walk Your Talk

We don’t want to fill a piece of content with desk research or collabs from other people. We can incorporate some aspects of this, but we have to walk our talk. That is where our community’s trust in us comes in.