Why you should listen to your inner voice (and how to hear it better)

The Voice. You’ve heard people talk about it.

In fact, you hear the voice all the time. Telling you why you shouldn’t do things, why you’re not good enough, reminding you why you should be fearful, or causing you to agonise over your decisions.

The WRONG voice.

It’s not the one I’m talking about today. Nor, The Voice that turns buskers into recording artists (although I do like that Voice)

I’m talking about the inner voice – the voice of truth that is always trying to get you to listen. But you choose the other voice instead – the whiny, doubtful, fearful one. It’s louder and often makes more sense with it’s justifications and reasonings.

Always holding you back.

The true voice doesn’t.

It just speaks and pushes you forward. It doesn’t need to justify or clarify. It commands. But, it’s a peaceful and loving command, not one of an evil dictator.

If you’re tuned into it,  you know it’s not a voice to ignore. It’s taking you on a path that’s more suited to your dreams, more in tune with your purpose and offering you a ride that’s similar to a tube run down your favourite mountain river in summer – shaded by palm trees, and enough rapids for a bit of squealing fun, but not enough to tip you out and spill your glass of wine.

It removes angst

My life for the past six months has not been without its challenges or frustrations – don’t fool yourself that striving for a life devoid of this is the way to go. But, the edge of dissatisfaction, anxiety, and uncertainty is no longer there.

I don’t fret about decisions or whether I’m walking the right path or not. I trust tomorrow will sort itself out tomorrow. I’ve just got to take care of today.

I know I am because I’m only allowing that voice to guide me. I can look back now over the events of the past six months (actually much longer than that) and I can see how perfectly that river has flowed.

I’ve always known the power of my inner voice. If you joined my webinar recently and heard my money story, you know I invested successfully in property when I listened to it and failed miserably when I didn’t.

It’s also helped pull me out of my funk all those years ago when I lived in London and it ordered me to leave for sunnier shores in Dublin (You know I meant figuratively with that sunny Dublin thing!!) And my life drastically changed for the better.

Despite these flashing neon signs that listening to your inner voice is the way to go I struggled with doing so for many years.

I doubted myself, I hated myself, I distrusted the world, I believed in lack and fear, rather than abundance and inner strength.

It steers you back to right purpose

Lucky Bay, Esperance, Western Australia

These last six months have been an incredible awakening for me in finally accepting the inner voice as the strength that can be completely trusted. On August 10th, I’ll be speaking more about this with the lady, my spiritual mentor, who helped me move through this transformation. I’ll tell you more about that webinar and Belinda Davidson at the end of this post.

I have so many stories I can share about the lessons the road trip taught me; I’ll save them for future posts. For now, I want to share the journey to trusting my voice.

We’d just returned from our White House trip to Perth. I was exhausted, but it was also around the time I’d been doing work through Belinda’s course on my 8th chakra, which is all about discovering your purpose and letting go and trusting that voice.

The brakes suddenly came on and I knew the road trip was coming to an end. I spoke about my angst over it in this post, this post, and this post. I was conflicted because I knew it had to end, but I also didn’t want it to. I felt like I was failing and letting everyone down.

When you become aware of how your inner voice guides you, the different paths reveal themselves. One will seem unclear and frightening because it’s so new, and the other will look safer (because it’s the path you’re already on) but will be filled with road blocks and struggles.

Our safer path – the finishing of the road trip – suddenly started having lots of blockages. We thought we were going to be without a car, potential partnerships fell through, our money was running out, we were exhausted, we were struggling to cope with the growth of the business, I’d put on about 8 kilos, and we were all sick of traveling. Yet I understood that path and I felt like I was failing if I quit. So my weaker self tried to convince me to keep on going!

The other path was empty. I had no idea what future lay there, all I had was the voice saying this was the one. I had no idea why and I was scared to follow it. It was as if a brick wall was suddenly built in front of the safe path and there was no other option but to listen to that commanding voice.

That’s when you say, “I just have to do this… wish me luck.”

After the decision was made I just wanted to get home. We had partnerships in place with Tourism Queensland and NT Tourism. I was ready to cancel on them, hell I was ready to just fly home and be done. But, the voice clearly spoke, “You have to go to Uluru.”

We were effortlessly able to change our former arrangements to arrive a couple of months earlier than organised.

Uluru was where I found my spirit again. That beautiful rock spoke to me, I don’t even know in what language. It settled me back into my skin and I felt more assured with the path we were to go.

It guides you on your inner journey

I adore this quote I discovered today,

“Without new experiences, something inside (600 x 900)

Your travels and that voice are awakening you.

Your travels are rarely just about the amazing places you visit and people you meet. Its true power lies in the inner journey it takes you on. Your inner voice will guide you to the right lessons and experiences so you can evolve.

After Uluru, the voice again spoke that Burleigh was where we had to go. That brick wall came down that said, “No other option. This is where I’m going.”

Effortlessly, we found the perfect apartment, in a market where rentals are hard to find – and we were fussy with what we wanted. I don’t think there is a place more suited to our vibe than Burleigh.

So now, I know that voice is the only one to listen to. There is no more angst over decision making. I don’t often understand why I’m following the voice, but I don’t argue with it.

It saves you time and helps you create and serve

Because we’ve been here I’ve been able to complete so much work that I felt so compelled to create. The voice kept pushing me. I procrastinated on launching my 30 Day Money Cleanse for a year. I had one person who didn’t believe in allowed my doubts to find the excuse it needed to halt it.

But that voice persisted. And now I can clearly see why and how this journey for the past six months has unraveled to this point of purpose and trust. It also kept pushing me down these paths where I’d suddenly get the inspiration to try this, do that, listen to that, try this strategy. I felt a bit dizzy at times, but now I see all of it was helping me to prepare and create something worthwhile.

We’re only a few days into that course and I’m blown away by the transformations that are happening for the participants. As my VA said, “Wow, Caroline. I think people really need this.”

It was all created and guided by that voice.

It happens to me all the time when I write posts like this or my weekly email newsletter. That small, fearful voice likes to say, “You’re an idiot. Don’t publish that. No one wants to read this. They’ll think your coo coo.” But, that voice says, Do it. And I always get so many comments from people as to how my message has really helped them that day.

Learn to listen to that voice. It’s where your power lies. It’s where an effortless peace lives. It’s where you’ll find your strength, your purpose, your joy. It’s how you can best serve.

It protects you

You know that feeling you get around a certain stranger – it pulsates with warning, “Don’t accept that drink. Cut off the conversation and leave.” Using your intuition is the biggest way to protect yourself from danger.

Why do you think animals get the hell out of town before a Tsunami hits? They trust their senses that tell them to run.

We have the same inner intelligence.

I was recently looking at getting cute personalised luggage tags, but as I started filling out my address details, that brick wall quickly built itself, and a very strong voice said, “Stop. Don’t do it.”

I don’t like fear to run my life and love to have the opinion the world is not scary, but I closed the website down immediately. That inner voice spoke quite clearly that having that on my luggage, with the position that we are in, was not a smart, or safe move.

The other day I had to make a decision whether to support a “Friend” or attend something I knew would benefit our business and I was interested in. I was just about to go to the “should support friend” option when the voice built that wall, and said “No don’t. Go and learn instead.” It seemed so out of character with what I thought was the “right” thing to do, but I followed it anyway.

I discovered not long after that this so called friend had started a bitch conversation about me in a private Facebook group.

“Thank you thank you thank you inner voice for always protecting me.”

How to hear your inner voice better

It took me a long time to reach this point of trusting in the voice – years of introspection, of clearing, of studying, of reaching. I had to figure it out for myself. I’m hoping I can help make that a little easier on you with a few of these simple tips.


Meditation sharpens your awareness skills. It helps you find stillness. The voice can be heard within stillness and presence. The more you practice quietening that noisy, fearful voice, the more you’ll hear the commanding voice that guides and protects.


I have a little task that I give in my 30 Day Money Cleanse to practice developing listening to your inner voice.

Step out for an hour (you might like to make this a whole day adventure) Leave the house with absolutely no plans. Tune into your feelings completely and allow them to tell you where to go. Do not resist any decision, do not wonder if it is the right one, just enjoy every step and follow where it takes you. So if it says go left, then go left. Be completely present and notice what happens and where you go. You might like to set an intention for the journey before you go. For example, on this unplanned trip I’d love to experience wonder or joy, or meet someone new or discover a new book, learn a new lesson etc. And just let go, don’t question or think about it, listen, follow, and enjoy the ride.

Get used to listening to that voice. When it throws down that brick wall and tells you only one option, follow it, and just trust. And then watch how everything unravels for you.

If you’re not sure, sit on it.

Instead of agonising over a decision, I push it to the side until I can hear the voice enough to know. Sometimes the voice – the inner intelligence just needs a little more time to evaluate the facts and put together the right plan for you.

It’s funny sometimes to see the reaction on people’s face when they ask me about something in the future, and I just answer, “I’m not sure yet.” There’s this kind of blank expectation that I’ll give them more. Reasoning. Deliberation. They’re trying to work out if I’ve comprehended what they’ve asked or even if I care.

I do, it’s just I don’t KNOW know the answer yet. Once it speaks I can say.

It sounds like I’m a bit crazy right? Waiting for a voice in my head to tell me what to do. We’re all doing that right? The truth is I’m not waiting for the voice in my head to speak- that’s the wrong voice. The true voice speaks through your gut. With strength and conviction that just can’t be ignored. It’s like suddenly my whole body speaks the message. Yes. Do this. Go here. Talk to that person.

That’s it. Messages. No justification or reasoning. No mind playing or confusion. No doubt or deliberation. Just do it.

Webinar with Belinda Davidson

I owe so much of my growth this past year, and learning to listen to my voice because of Belinda. I now know her personally, having ran into her at the local Burleigh farmer’s markets!! See – right place again! On the same day we met our chiropractic, Dr. Matt, who is healing all of us three mornings a week! Yes, the voice told me to go to the markets that day!

I’ve attended one of Belinda’s workshops, as well as doing her SOMM Level 1 course whilst on my road trip, and now have started her SOMM Level 2 course.

With our love for travel, soul homes and Red Hot Chili Peppers, we have a lot of similarities, which is one reason I’m excited to hang out with her AND you in this free webinar 

Belinda is also a modern mystic, an empath, a medical intuitive and a ghost activist. In other words, a fun and interesting person to know.

Travel helped her discover, and be okay, with her true self. We chat on the webinar whether she felt she was escaping and if escapism is a worthy path. We also chat about soul homes, chakras, and how to stay spiritual and grounded on your travels. Press play on the video above and share it with your friends!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear more about your inner voice. Can you hear it? Do you trust it? How does it help you?

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