I never get sick of seeing wild kangaroos in Australia, and I’m an Aussie, I see them all the time. I can’t imagine how excited a foreigner would be to step on our shores and sight our beloved mascot.

Despite what you see in movies, they are not as commonly found as you think. I think the first time I saw one in the wild was on Pebbly Beach in NSW when I was 19. And at Pebbly Beach, they graze on the grass like herds of sheep.

The Best Places To See Wild Kangaroos in Australia

Here are some of the places we found to be the best places to spot them.

Murramarang National Park, New South Wales

Upon arrival into the Murramarang National park, we came across a paddock in the middle of town near Merry Beach with so many kangaroos that we thought it must have been a kangaroo farm.

Mutitjulu waterhole, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

If you’re looking for red kangaroos in their natural habitat, then the best place to go is the Australian outback, specifically Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, the park home to the famous Ayres Rock.

Carnarvon Gorge National Park, Queensland

In this Australian National Park, you’ll find deep, craggy gorges, jaw-dropping cliffs, and more than 2,000 pieces of aboriginal rock art. So it’s not just kangaroos to enjoy but a tropical oasis!

Cave Beach, Jervis Bay

Cave Beach is not only a great place to see roos, but it’s also one of the most beautiful spots on the East Coast with pristine white sand and sea caves to explore.

Flinders Chase National Park, Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

This is one of the many conservation parks on the island and is made up of walking tracks through bushland, where wild kangaroos are known to hop around.

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