Some people may prefer guided tours over independent travel, because they offer security, ease of planning, and the chance to meet others.

There have been certain times when we have considered taking guided tours instead, especially when we’re not sure about a place and how to get around.

Benefits of Guided Tours

We have come to realize there is no one right way to travel. Whether you take a guided tour or travel independently largely comes down to personal preference and what you want to get out of a trip.


Some people just do not have the time for independent travel. Let’s face it catching local transport often takes a whole day or more to get from one destination to another.

If you consider the fact that most Americans get on average only 2 weeks paid holidays, independent travel may not work. Even those in other countries who can get 4-6 weeks off, with this limited time to travel independently you really have to stick to one small region in order to make the most of your stay.

Comfort Levels

For some people the thought of trying to order local food in a foreign country causes them to faint at their knees. Instead of never leaving the house, a guided tour would be a great way to travel within their comfort zone limits.

Meeting People

Sure, at first you are a bunch of strangers and there’s always the off chance that you don’t get on, but usually you’ll find that people you meet on group tours are like-minded people, and you don’t have to be an extrovert to fit in.


I want someone to point out certain features, tell me stories about the area and relay the important information. Guided tours are a great way to sit back, absorb the area you are in and allow someone else to tell you all about it.

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