First and foremost, Denver is an active city. It is consistently ranked at the top of ‘healthiest city‘ lists and it is the capital city of the least obese state in the United States, Colorado. Denver residents love the outdoors and take advantage of the abundant sunshine and access to world class hiking, cycling, rafting, rock climbing, and skiing in their own backyard. 

Why visit Denver?

Denver maintains an air of the unknown; most visitors only see it on their way to or from the legendary ski resorts in the Colorado Rocky Mountains – if they see it at all. 

What to Do in Denver

Denver has many of the same attractions and amenities of most major US cities with the added bonus of being at the foot of the largest mountain range in North America – reaping all the benefits that go along with that distinction. 

Best Neighborhoods to Explore in Denver

- Capitol Hill  - Lodo  - Highland 

Where to Eat in Denver

Mexican food and wild game are local specialties, with green chile being the quintessential Denver ingredient. Rocky Mountain oysters (deep fried bull testicles) are a regional delicacy, though we usually only order it for our out-of-town guests to watch them squirm. 

Where to Drink in Denver

Denver is a beer city. It constantly ranks as one of the top beer cities in the nation and plays host to the Great American Beer Festival. Even the former mayor (and current Colorado governor) is a former brew pub operator. Because of this, there are plenty of great places to drink beer in Denver.