For reasons that may have been perpetuated by a song from the 1980’s, Bangkok for years had been tagged as an unsavory town. 

Bangkok may not be the first city on the list for family travel. However, upon visiting, we found few cities more family friendly. If being welcomed in a foreign land with authentic smiles is on the list, then look no further than here. 

Getting around Bangkok

When taking Air Asia to Bangkok, arrivals will be at Don Muang Airport, which is about 30 minutes further than Suvarnabhumi Airport (considered the main airport) from the center of town. In most cases, the prices make it worth the extra commute. Also, the ground transportation is quite inexpensive in Bangkok. 

Using Airbnb in Bangkok

We booked an apartment in a neighborhood a bit away from Central Bangkok, named Lat Phrao. The neighborhood was definitely a bit more local and had in it a slew of condominium complexes, which included the one we stayed, appropriately named, The Room. 

Bangkok Street food

The best part about staying a bit off-center was being given the opportunity to live amongst the locals. On our first night, we sat in the first eatery we saw. 

Tuk-tuk wild adventures

What family trip would be complete without taking a fun-filled adventurous ride? In Bangkok, no need for parasailing or rollercoasters for some thrills, just flag an automatic rickshaw known as tuk-tuks.