Travel is not easy. With all the dreaming, planning, saving, and then taking the giant leap towards something that is out of your comfort zone and filled with endless potential problems, it’s a massive drain of resources.

For some people, traveling is not high on the list of priorities, and you may be wondering “what is the purpose of travel?”

Benefits of Traveling

In this guide, I’ve answered what is the purpose of travel and listed all the benefits of travel and the reasons why travel should be on everyone’s priority list.

It Allows You to Live a Good Life Filled with Rich Memories

As a result of my years of travel and knowing THIS was the only life for me, it has gifted me the opportunity to create a thriving business that I LOVE so much.

Connection: to Self, to Others, to Mother Nature, to Life

Because travel is constantly exposing us to new authentic experiences it’s so easy to stay connected to the present – the only place life exists.

Travel Allows For Constant Learning and Growth

I now not fear the low periods in life as I know it’s just a part of the cycle where I am absorbing and changing and gathering all I need to soon enough blossom again into a better version of me and life.

Travel Allows for Expression of Joy

I travel because it helps me express my JOY. And that in turn puts a powerful energy back into the world and all those I come in contact with.

Travel Makes You Wonder/Awe at the World

Wonder and Awe begets joy, love and gratitude. All of those emotions will set your life on fire and create endless opportunities to feel more of these things.

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