5 Fantastic Weekend Getaways from NYC

So my favorite weekend getaways from NYC are a little bit calmer: think small towns, lake houses, one-lane highways, farmers markets that are a stone’s throw from the actual farm. And the amazing thing is, there are actually a ton of options within a three-hour drive of Manhattan.

The Berkshire

The Berkshires is a pretty general term that covers a mountainous region dotted with villages, lakes and waterfalls. There are spots to hike the Appalachian Trail, (public and private) golf courses, boats to rent and row, plenty of little art galleries and places to go antiquing. 


If you’re looking to getaway from NYC but you don’t want to go too far, Nyack is essentially an upstate suburb with an artsy flair. It’s only about 45 minutes without traffic, and easily accessible by train or car service. 

Avalon/Stone Harbor

Located on the beautiful beaches of New Jersey, the neighboring towns of Avalon and Stone Harbor are nothing like the Jersey Shore stereotypes you might be imagining. 

Bucks County

Located in Pennsylvania, it’s a collection of adorable towns and quintessential Main Streets. You can even take a scenic driving tour of covered bridges! And if you’re more interested in beers than bridges, there’s an “ale trail” (and places to go wine tasting, and a few distilleries). 


This tiny seaport town is best known for being the backdrop to Julia Roberts’ breakout role in Mystic Pizza (yes, there is a Mystic Pizza, and yes, you can have a great pie there), but it’s also home to a world-class aquarium and some gorgeous oceanfront.