One of the best ways to learn about who you really are is to travel. Travel broadens your mind, makes you reflect on your own values and opinions, as well as helps you to understand the most important person in your world.

How can you live a rich and fulfilled life if you don’t understand what you stand for, what your interests are, where your strengths lie, and what you want to be remembered for?

Here we’ve shared the many ways in which travel helps you to find yourself.

Disconnection from cultural upbringings

Travel helps you to inspect which parts of your culture you love and don’t want to live without. It also helps see the ones that may harm you or others and are not thing you want to take with you moving forward.

Removal from family and friends

You grow up learning from your parents – most of it good, some of it limiting, or detrimental. Similar to your cultural upbringing, it’s your parents’ views that you’ve assimilated, generally without question.

Perhaps they are great for you, perhaps they are not. Again, taking a break, allows you the space to be yourself without fear of upsetting those you love the most, and figuring it out.

Stripped free of belongings

It is incredibly hard to embrace the process of living with just a suitcase, but once you do, living a minimalist life is one you will embrace more and more, even when, or if, your travels stop.

Forced to deal with change and uncertainty

So how does that help you get to know yourself? Well you discover how strong and powerful you really are. You grow in confidence. Your skills develop. You become very swift at solving problems and making decisions.

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