The Bay of Fires is one of Tasmania’s biggest attractions and needs only a few words to explain how magnificent they are.

Situated on the northeast coast of Tasmania, the Bay of Fires is a region of white beaches, blue water, and these incredible orange-hued granite rock formations in which the fiery colour is produced by a lichen.

Things to Do in Valley of Fire State Park

If you have made the trip to Binalong Bay and you’re wondering what else to add to your itinerary since you came all this way, here are some other activities I recommend…

Take the Bay of Fires Lodge Walk

If you want to see the entirety of the Bay of Fires coastline, then the Bay of Fires Lodge walk is a 4-day walk from Stumpy’s Point to the Bay of Fires Lodge.

Walk the Wukalina Walk

Another great Bay of Fires walk you can take is the Wukalina Walk, which is a 3 day/ 4-night walk guided by the palawa people, the original owners of lutruwita.

Go Camping at Bay of Fires Bush Retreat

Located in Binalong Bay, just behind Grants Lagoon, the Bay of Fires Bush Retreat is a modern and luxurious bed and breakfast that offers glamping experiences.

Visit Eddystone Lighthouse

Around the lighthouse are a picnic area and campsite. You cannot go inside the lighthouse, but where it sits is an area of stunning beauty.

Hike from Swimcart Beach to Sloop Reef

The waves on Swimcart Beach and Cosy Corner are some of the best along the Bay of Fires region, so if you want to take a board out onto the ocean this is the place to go.

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