It’s one of those unique destinations that are unlike anywhere else in the world; from colorful colonial buildings to classic American cars to a thriving salsa dancing culture.

But it’s also notoriously known for being a bit unstable politically, and while crime is low here, you do need to go in armed knowing about the country’s history and why it can seem volatile to some people.

In this guide, we’re sharing our important Cuba travel tips, so you can visit this incredible and fascinating country without a hitch.

Take cash with you

You can find ATMs in Cuba, but know that they don’t accept American debit or credit cards. There is a 3% withdrawal fee or credit card usage fee for most transactions.

Don’t take any other foreign currency

If you’re not American, don’t take American dollars, the exchange rate will be terrible plus you have to pay an extra fee every time.

Every town will have two types of bank

Banco de Cuba, which are proper banks, or Cadeca, which is like a currency kiosk. The bank usually gives better rates.

Get travel insurance for Cuba

You need to have travel insurance to travel to Cuba. They do spot checks at Customs and if you can’t produce policy documentation, they make you buy insurance there.

Travel as light as possible

When you fly to Cuba, if you can, go with cabin luggage only. We managed to and it was the best. We didn’t have to worry about losing our stuff or about it getting damaged.

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