Arizona is known for its incredible red rock landscape and vast desert vistas. When it comes to viewing the best scenery, you can won’t find a more leisurely experience than on a Verde Canyon Railroad experience.

This relaxing vintage train journey allows you to take in the beautiful scenery from panoramic windows, or from an open air car.

But what is the Verde Canyon Railroad and what is a trip like? Then keep reading to learn about our experiences…

What is the Verde Canyon Railroad?

The Verde Canyon Railroad is a 40-mile return journey through 100 years of history, culture and dramatic scenery.

It follows the Verde River and the riparian ecosystem it carves along the way with cottonwood and high sandstone cliffs flanking its sides. You’ll ride along historic trestles, passing Native American ruins and historic sites, as well as see the iconic red rock canyon scenes.

What is the Railroad Experience Like?

The Verde Canyon Railroad is somewhat of a hidden gem because of its remote location, but is still one of the top things to do in Sedona, which is just a 30-minute drive from the starting point.

In the First Class carriage you get appetizers, champagne toast upon arrival, access to a cash bar, and comfy seats large enough to lie down on – not just for the children; I spied a few adults resting after a couple of glasses of wine!

I loved following the Verde River and getting a glimpse at the land it carved. I can only imagine how pretty it must be in the spring and fall when those beautiful deciduous trees are in full bloom shading the river.

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