The United States is the absolute best country for roadtrippers. It’s big but very drivable and the roads are excellent.

There is such a huge amount of diversity in America. Each state feels very different from the next, both in landscape and in culture.

Tips for Planning a USA Road Trip

Here are some of my top tips for planning a USA road trip to make sure you go in prepared and also make the most of your experience.

Understand the USA is a BIG Country

There are some really good US road trips that you can do in under a couple of weeks if you don’t have time to drive across the whole country.

You Might Need A Visa for the US

If you’re coming to the US for just a few weeks and flying in and out, no problem! You can enter under the Visa Waiver Program using an ESTA (electronic pre-approval).

Note It’s Cheaper to Hire a Car in Advance on Local Site

It’ll definitely be cheaper to book your rental car or rental RV before you leave for the USA on an Australia, UK or New Zealand car hire website.

Know That Buying a Car in the USA Isn’t That Easy

…and it’s probably more trouble than it’s worth unless you’re spending at least six months road tripping.

Don’t Bring Too Much Stuff from Home

“Stuff” is cheap in America. Pack light or, better yet, come with an empty suitcase! Clothes, shoes, toiletries, electronics…it’s all cheap in the US.

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