Madrid is the Capital of Spain and is a city of elegance, vibrancy, and luxury.

It’s a place where art lovers can get inspired by world-class European art, or be dazzled by the baroque architecture of the Royal Palace and Armory.

Things to Do in Madrid

It’s time to introduce you to the top attractions in Madrid! Make sure you add some of these to your itinerary.

Marvel At Amazing Art at Prado Museum

The Prado opened in 1819 and houses a collection of over 8,600 paintings and 700 sculptures.

Have a Picnic In Retiro Park

It’s the largest urban park in Madrid and features a lake, manicured lawns, and flower gardens.

Watch a Flamenco Show

Some of the best flamenco dancers in the world perform in Madrid, so if you enjoy the arts, a flamenco show is a must.

Try Some of the Local Cuisine

It’s not all about paella and gazpacho! Some of the most delicious Spanish food can be found here, in the capital of Spain.

Get Lost In The Markets in Madrid

You should also check out the historic San Miguel Market, located in the center of the city.

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