Unicoi State Park & Lodge: An Adventurous Georgia Mountain Getaway 

One of the things we have fallen in love with the most about the Southeast is lake life. 

So as soon as we drove up to our barrel shaped cabin in the forest at Unicoi State Park and Lodge in Georgia and saw the lake from our deck, I knew we were in for a peaceful family retreat.

I declared, “I am going for a walk around the lake. It’s only 2.5 miles and we have enough time before dinner.”  

I could barely wait for Craig to put on his shoes.  

There is a certain kind of serenity that only a lake offers. It provides a stillness my meditating-loving psyche gravitates towards.

Don’t worry if you can’t stay embraced in that quiet, still energy for too long – Unicoi State Park & Lodge has plenty of adventurous activities to balance it out for you.