A Dallas to Boston road trip offers an experience like no other. Not only does the journey cover over 1,500 miles, passing through several states, each with its own distinctive culture, history, and natural beauty, but you also get to drive along the iconic Route 66.

As you drive, you’ll see some of America’s most iconic landmarks such as the Grand Canyon, Chicago, Niagara Falls, and New York City.

The Ultimate Dallas to Boston Road Trip

Taking a road trip from Dallas to Boston allows you to experience the freedom and adventure of traveling at your own pace, discovering hidden gems and meeting friendly locals.

Dallas, Tx

We discovered the JFK Museum was just around the corner from our hotel at the Hyatt Regency. As they are big JFK fans and have long had conspiracy style discussions over his death, we paid a quick visit (as it was closing time). I wish we had longer as we all really loved it.

Waco, Texas

We loved Waco and it has so much more to offer than just Magnolia related attractions. But these were definitely the highlights. Be sure to arrive early so you can beat the breakfast lines for Magnolia Table.

San Antonio, Texas

We especially love the nearby Texas Hill Country and while Big Bend National Park is about a six hour detour west, if you have more time, it’s a fantastic national park free from crowds and located on the Rio Grande River and Mexican border.

New Orleans, Louisiana

It has the best food in the country, with a unique blend of French, Cajun and English cultures, amazing history, and such a fun attitude. Mardi Gras is a must you are visiting at the right time.

Memphis, Tennessee

If you love blues, BBQ and Rock N Roll, you will love a stop in Memphis, Tennessee. We recommend at least two nights exploring all this city has to offer and visiting the top Memphis attractions.

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