If you’re looking for a unique experience in Florence, far from the maddening crowds of the Duomo, you’ll find exploring the charming cobblestone streets of a lively Florentine neighborhood on a Tuscan food and wine tour a highlight on your trip!

Before we jump into what you can expect from the tour, let’s quickly introduce you to the foodie neighborhood. The Oltrarno neighborhood is just over the Arno River, south of Florence city center. Its name actually means, “on the other side of the Arno.”

Stops on The Food and Wine Tour in Florence

As is typical of a Devour food tour, we were visiting local family run establishments – five stops including Florentine Steak and enotecas, which is Italian for wine. 

Wine Tasting and Florentine Focaccias

As we learned on this first stop on this Tuscany wine tour, wine in Tuscany is part of the meal. You should never drink Sangiovese outside of meal hours.

The Famous Wine Windows

Buchette del vino, wine windows are unique to Florence and now a tourist attraction, possibly made famous by all the people sharing the experience on the Gram.

Wine And Cured Meats

We had Tuscan salami and prosciutto, which was saltier than others, Tuscan salami with black pepper seeds and Tuscan salami with fennel seeds.

Florentine Steak & Vin Santo at Trattoria BBQ

Florentine steak is a T-Bone steak and by law must be 3 – 4 fingers thick and cooked rare or medium rare to about 55°C / 135°F in the middle.

Original Gelato at Gelateria Artigianale La Sorbettiera

Earlier in the day, I had eaten the best gelato of my life, coincidentally also from Oltrarno. A month later I can still taste those melting bits of hazelnut chocolate inside the Stracciatella.

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