Picture this: rolling hills dressed in emerald green, the sun casting a warm embrace, and the faint fragrance of olive trees and vineyards in the air. 

You turn the corner of your rustic agriturismo in Tuscany, a farm stay that overlooks a countryside oasis whilst sipping glasses of some of the best wine you’ve ever tasted, made on the land you’re standing on.

The scene I painted before you is of Agriturismo Tenuta di Mensanello, a farm stay accommodation in the heart of Tuscany, in the foothills of Siena.

What is Agriturismo in Tuscany?

At its core, Agriturismo is a term that beautifully blends together agriculture and tourism. It’s a concept that marries the charm of a working farm with the comfort and hospitality of a vacation stay.

Our Tuscan Farm Stay at Argriturismo Tenuta Di Mensanello

Our journey led us to the captivating Agriturismo Tenuta di Mensanello, a farming estate nestled in the Tuscan countryside. It’s located only an hour south of Florence in the famous Chianti region of Tuscany Italy.

Mensanello Estate has been a family farm for three generations and is currently managed by Neri, the grandson of Ada and Alessandro who began the farm. 

From the moment we arrived, we were enveloped in the warmth of authentic Italian hospitality and knew we had chosen the right farm stay.

It also had an affordable farm to table restaurant, a swimming pool, and they made their own wine, olive oil, meat from semi-wild-bred pigs, other spirits, AND their own beer!

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