Tips for Traveling In The Heat with Kids

As someone who hates the cold, I welcome the heat in like a long lost friend – even when it’s baking 40 degrees. But, when I’m travelling with my kids, I ask it to leave more often than I would travelling solo.

“How do you manage travelling in the heat with kids? How do you go sleeping? How can you be bothered cooking? I’m a bit precious when it comes to the heat and I’m dreading it for when we do our big lap.”

my first tip for travelling with kids in the heat is don’t visit Broome in the summer." The heat is BRUTUAL!! Keep reading for the rest of my tips for traveling in the heat with kids...

Tip 1: Choose your destination wisely Be very careful of where you travel to, but mostly when..

Tip 2: Know Your Kids... It’s important to know how they tick, their interests, and where the meltdowns might happen so you can put some preventative strategies in place

Tip 3: Stay Hydrated!!! Kids dehydrate faster. Keep them sipping on water frequently

Tip 4: Time Your Activities Well Get outside to do activities early. Rest during the hottest parts of the day. Evenings are best spent lapping up the cooler air outside with an amazing sunset and a barbie.

Tip 5: Stay In A Hotel or An Apartment This tip is mostly for campers, but if your kids have the wrong temperament or are really suffering you should definitely pick accommodations that offer AC.

For the rest of my tips be sure to check out my blog article. And always stay tuned for more articles, updates, tips, and tricks we learn while traveling with our kids.

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