Of the countries that make up Southeast Asia, The Philippines is arguably the least traveled. For many families, it doesn’t even seem to be on their radar.

There is an abundance of things to do there for families of all ages, and yes while it takes a bit of planning to get to most places, those who make the effort find it’s well worth it.

To make life easier for you, and to help you plan the perfect family vacation, we’ve shared some of our top tips for how to travel The Philippines with kids, from babies, younger kids, tweens and teens, so you know where to start your planning process.

Makati City, Metro Manila

The capital of The Philippines is Manila, on the largest island in the country. Metro Manila, the capital region, can be gritty. Though I find charm within the grittiness, my tween daughter does not.

Luckily, Manila also has many beautiful pockets of neighborhoods that are quite well kept, and one of these pockets is Makati. This neighborhood is one of the few neighborhoods in Metro Manila that have real sidewalks where one can actually take a stroll without risking being hit by a trike or a jeepney.


In Makati, you’ll find Greenbelt, which is a series of shopping malls forming its own mini-city, if you will. There you’ll find some great eateries and places to have a coffee or a drink.

Walled City of Intramuros

The Walled City of Intramuros is steeped in history, which provides an educational experience for kids. It’s probably not thrilling for younger kids, but teens and tweens may appreciate its history.

White Beach, Boracay

It’s a perfect place to take a tween starving for some fun. It’s here that Bailey learned how to surf, it’s also here that she got her hair braided into cornrows, it’s here that we would watch people playing beach soccer and volleyball.

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