The school age range is the age group that I adore. When Kalyra was 8, almost 9, she still has a little sweet innocence, and I’m still important to her, yet there’s a growing maturity and independence that I love to see and be around.

The growing independence, but the need to still be close to parents, makes the school age the best age to travel with.

Tips for Traveling With A Toddler

In this guide, we’re sharing our top tips for traveling with children age 5-11, as well as the pros and cons of traveling with primary school aged kids.

Record Their Memories

Kalyra has started producing content for our site – it’s a fabulous way for her to record her memories, but also to learn very important communication and creativity skills AND to learn to be comfortable expressing herself.

Pack Puzzles and Books

School-aged children love doing puzzles. Sudoku’s are great for car travel and passing time in restaurants and long queues. Kalyra and I love to play Boxes in the car.

Do Audio Tours

Your school aged child will love walking around a tourist site with the audio tour guiding them. They’ll be fascinated by the stories and will learn a lot.

Put Them In Charge of the Maps and Tours

Kalyra loves to take that map and tell us where to go. She also loves to take control of the self-guided tours, telling us where to go and what to see and why.

Involve Them in the Planning and Research

Give them time (and help) researching where they are going so they can immerse themselves in the experience. They can read books, watch movies, search websites and play games.

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