Solo Mom Adventure. Doesn’t that sound like the heavenly elixir you’ve been needing since giving birth to your kids?

Now before you allow that mom guilt to come flying in and cancel your solo travel plans immediately, allow me to help push that aside so you can deal with just the truth. You deserve it and your family will be okay!

The Wide Range of Emotions on your Solo Trip

I’ll share with you a few pros and cons of solo travel, the wide range of emotions you’ll feel, and tips for a happy solo mom trip.

You’ll appreciate your family more

This mom adventure will give you the space to remember why you love your family, what makes your bond so unique and awesome, and help you consider how you want to continue to build on that as you do life together.

The joy of solo travel vs missing your kids

While you may feel sadness when you experience the joy of a particular moment or beautiful view with your most beloved people, and they are not there, the joy of this brief interlude of mom freedom and peace will hold you up from collapsing in a pile of tears.

Savor the Experience

You can converse with the locals as you move about their community, you can laze about at resort bools and beaches, and you can drive along the coastline at your own pace with the windows down and Pearl Jam blasting on the radio!

Pursue YOU

Who are you? What do you love to do? You have the freedom now to explore your curiosities and interests.

Share the journey with those you left behind

I like to send my girls photos of things I encounter that I know they love or have a passion for. Kalyra also watches my Instagram stories and I know she enjoys seeing what I’m doing.

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