Are you planning to travel in USA and are visiting from Australia or anywhere elsewhere in the world? When you visit the USA there is a lot to consider when planning a USA trip, but we are here to help!

1. America is 50 United States of Diversity

This is a huge country and there are plenty of places to travel in USA that are not just New York City, Las Vegas and LA. Regional differences across the Unites States extend to food, drink, accents, laws and politics. Plus it has every kind of landscape and climate you can think of!

2. The USA Does NOT Use the Metric System

I’ve missed turn offs because I have no concept of how much a 1/4 mile is and have ordered huge portions of food as I don’t know what 8 ounces are. The base 10 metric system is so easy. I miss it! Convert. Convert. Convert. Americans also use Fahrenheit instead of Celsius.

3. You Can Supersize It All in the USA

In the US, you can upgrade and supersize anything, not just food either. Any kind of service will have some kind of upgrade option. The good news is there is so much competition in the US, that you’re likely to find good deals that work in your favor for quality and budget.

4. America Does Healthy, Delicious Food Fusion Well

America does food fusion well and you can find some delicious, innovative dishes. Ask the locals, tourism boards, and do your research beforehand to find those great local food experiences. 

5. Great Coffee Can Be Hard to Find

Starbucks does consistently bad coffee on almost every street corner. Seattle is my favorite city for coffee in the US. Portland has also great coffee, and NYC you can find a decent cup! 

6. Craft Breweries are Flourishing

America is becoming known a the best country in the world for craft beer. It won’t be difficult for you to find a local brewery with a unique and tasty vibe. Many will offer food (or food trucks outside) and have local music playing.