When I hear people talk about Egypt, they talk about how big it is, how chaotic and busy it is, and that solo travellers never get a moment’s peace.

But I’m here to ease your mind and tell you that not all of Egypt is like this. There are countless reasons TO visit Egypt and make it a stop on your next vacation.

Reasons to Visit Egypt

If you think Egypt has nothing but pyramids in Giza and other old monuments in Luxor and Aswan, then it’s time to change this perspective.

Egypt has Amazing Beaches

You’ll find amazing aquatic life, coral reefs and colorful fish; many amazing diving and snorkeling spots, and more centers offering day trips to those amazing diving and scuba diving spots, for next to nothing!

Egypt Offers Relaxation

Dahab, on the other end of Egypt, is a small relaxed hippie town on the shores of the Red Sea. Relax, enjoy the beautiful view, go for a swim and more!

There’s Plenty of Adventure in Egypt

Adrenaline. I hear you. This is my personal favorite. And Egypt is not short on that side either!

For the Historical Experiences in Egypt

Egypt for the historians’ MeccaWith temples, monuments and buildings standing for 5,000 years, you can’t beat that.

To See The Amazing and Diverse Egyptian Culture

While it might seem like most Egyptians have so much in common, if you take it to the extremes from Alexandria to Nubia, you’ll notice a huge difference in the cultures and traditions of these places!

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