For many, a trip to Europe is a bucket list moment in their lives, but Eastern Europe doesn’t get the same buzz that Western Europe does.

Eastern Europe tends to be more budget-friendly and allows you to get off the beaten path. It also has its own culture, history and traditions that you cannot find anywhere else in Europe.

Why you should travel to Eastern Europe

If you’re still on the fence about visiting Eastern Europe, here are some of the top reasons to visit in 2023!

Eastern Europe is safe

Eastern Europe is not as unsafe as you might think. The people are genuine and friendly, things cost less, it’s easy enough to get around, there’s plenty of history and geographic diversity.

It has a unique culture & history

Eastern Europe has the geography, weather, and history you’d want to experience when travelling.

It’s ideal for travelers who enjoy a challenge

The fact that many places are off the backpacker circuit means that hundreds of thousands of tourists haven’t been there before you.

It has less tourists

One of the biggest draw cards to Eastern European travel would have to be the lack of Western tourists. In many places you can move around freely without hearing English chatter, except for the hostels and bars obviously.

It’s Budget Friendly

With the exception of those countries on the border between East and West, such as Vienna in Austria or Prague in Czech Republic, you can expect to pay less on food, accommodation, and attractions.

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