TOP Things to Do in Coral Bay, Western Australia

Coral Bay is a small coastal town on the Coral Coast of Western Australia that is the famous gateway to the Ningaloo Reef.

I would say that Coral Bay is definitely worth visiting, but only when you have good weather. Many of its attractions require you to visit the outdoors – the beach, the reef, and the beach bars with outdoor terraces.

Things to Do in Coral Bay, Western Australia

It’s time to show you the best attractions in Coral Bay…

Visit Bill’s Bay Beach (Main Beach)

The water is that calm, clear turquoise blue (much like Sandy Bay and Turquoise Bay) where large fish swim around your ankles in the shallows, we even saw a few rays close to shore.

Have Breakfast at Coral Resort Bakery

Located on Robinson Street is Coral Resort Bakery which is the best bakery in town. It has everything, from sandwiches, to fresh bread, to pies and sausage rolls.

Hit the Walking Trails

You can walk to Paradise Beach along the rocky shores, whilst stopping to take a look in the rock pools, or head up onto the Coral Bay Walk Way trail which is the most popular hike.

Quad Biking the Sand Dunes

The incredible coastal scenery, we rode up and down big sand dunes, drove over to Mauds landing, spotted turtles off “Turtle Cliffs” and even went snorkelling at Five Fingers Reef.

Snorkelling at Oyster Bridge

Oyster Bridge is a 20 minute drive out of town and can only be reached by four wheel drive, the sand is soft and the road windy.

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