Choose your destination carefully 

We soon ditched our plans to travel Southeast Asia when we took a two-week holiday to Thailand when Savannah was 17 months.

What about luggage when traveling with toddlers?

Toddlers are still at that stage where they require more luggage: prams, car seats, nappies, What can you do without? Perhaps you can rent car seats or prams at special attractions. It might be a good idea to travel once they’re toilet trained.

Pros of toddler travel

Depending on their personality, toddlers can be great fliers. Kalyra has always been awesome. I’ll never forget her first flight to the USA when she was nine months old, standing in her bassinet waving to the entire plan and then walking down the aisles to meet everyone.   Hiking is much easier with toddlers. You can throw them in a hiking backpack (our favourite is here) and still have a fabulous time. – Toddler travel can still be cheap as they’ll often still get free admission for many places.

Cons of toddler travel

Managing the logistics of travel with a toddler demanding your attention is hard. There’s nothing like trying to check into your hotel or board a plane with a tantrummy toddler. They do want to be carried a lot, and can only walk short distances. This means extra visits to the chiropractor for you. Having conversations with anyone can be a challenge. Your toddler will want to pull you away, lift up your skirt, pull at your ears, cover your mouth with their hand, and interject with random “poo” and giggles.

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