We love to talk about money on here because we know its what you most need to travel more. Whether that be regular weekend trips away, your annual 2-3 week vacation, or something more long-term, it’s our daily passion to help you do that. 

Cancel newspaper and magazine subscription

Magazines are expensive and mostly filled with advertisements and uninspired writing. Plus they gather the dust and mess up the coffee table. 

Cancel cable TV

Stick to free TV. Rent DVDs instead. If there is something you are dying to watch, go visit a friend with a tub of popcorn or head down to the pub to watch that must see football game. 

Park your policies

If you’re going on a long-term trip and you’re leaving a car behind, contact your auto insurance provider and give them a date to put your policy into “park” mode, which will greatly reduce your premiums on a vehicle that’s not being driven. 

Ditch the car and use public transport

One thing we loved about living in big cities like London, Bangkok and Dublin was that we did not need a car. Cars are expensive. Not only do you have to buy it, you have to insure it, maintain it, and fill it with fuel. 

Save on fuel

We can get fuel coupons here in Australia and mid-week is always cheaper. We often only save a couple of bucks, but that’s a beer or two in Asia remember! 

Stop eating out

Substitute eating out for picnics at the park or barbecues at home with your mates. Make eating at home fun by trying new recipes and drinking cheap, supermarket wine while you cook and pump out your favourite Spotify playlist.