Some things become inherently trickier as a solo traveler visiting a country where English is not widely spoken. Having good language skills definitely helps when traveling, but we are not all blessed with multilingual skills.

Without a friend or companion to lean on for help, and not being able to speak the local language, can make travel and communication a challenge.

Tips For Better Travel and Communication

Here are some of my top tips to improve your travel and communication skills.

Learn common phrases

Whenever I meet locals or have the opportunity to interact with new people from where I am visiting, I make a conscious effort to try and learn words from them too.

Use language apps and communication devices

I often use Google Translate to quickly get an idea of food or ingredients on a menu or to see what a specific word mean. You can also use it to explain to your waitress or waiter that you have an allergy.

Visual communication is key

Sometimes when I don’t have data on my phone or am phoneless, I often also use pictures as a way to translate what I am trying to say.

Have an open mind

I think it’s really important to be open-minded about traveling to a non-English speaking destination and also to be open-minded culturally once you are there.

Use other communication types

You can also use body language, sign language, and hand signals to help you explain what you need.

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