What are the options for public transport for London and getting around from A to B?

The fantastic London transportation system makes it easy to get around London combined with its walkable streets.

Understanding London Zones

London (and Europe) stand out as a tourist destination (and for living) because of their public transport.

For public transport speak, or simply to aid in orientation in London, the city is divided into zones, starting from Zone 1 (in the city center) and expanding out to Zone 9 (on its very far edges).

When you visit London, most people will only need to worry about Zones 1 & 2 as this is the area where most of the top London tourist attractions are!

TIP: Explore One Region a Day

The best way to explore London (saving time and money) is to focus on one area of London each day.

The BEST way to get around London is to WALK!

Our number one tip for getting around London is to walk as much as you can – it can be easier to walk from one attraction or neighborhood to the next.

This was a wonderful way to spend quality time with our kids, chatting as we walked, enjoying the views, and even dancing a little in front of the London Eye.

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