We all know how much people who fly without kids complain about those who fly with children, and those glaring eyes are just another reason why you’d be in two minds about taking that long awaited trip.

As frequent flyers with kids, we’ve seen it all, and also learned a few tips and tricks to make the flight go smoothly, not just for the kids but for you and other passengers too.

Tips for Flying with Kids

Here are the essential keys to helping your child have a good flight.

Preparation and planning when flying with children

Pack enough food, enough toys and provide the opportunity for them to rest on the plane in your carry-on luggage.

Teach them respect and patience

A stern word and a few consequences almost always work. Take them into the bathroom for time out if you need to. That should silence anyone!

Communicate throughout the entire experience

Talk to your child before, during and after the flight, so they know exactly what to expect. If they know what’s coming, they are less likely to be upset about it.

Train your children to fly from an early age

The worst thing you can do is delay flying with a toddler because you are frightened of it. It will only be worse when it is time to take the plunge as they won’t know what to do.

Distract children from their flying fears

If your child is feeling anxious or fearful of flying, give them a toy or a teddy to distract them from that fear.

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