Australia is the sixth biggest country and is also one of the most diverse. With every state and territory, there is such a different landscape and climate from the next, the best way to see it is undeniably from the road.

Driving in Australia doesn’t need to install fear in you. If you have an international drivers license and are confident on the road in your own country, then you have nothing to fear about driving around Australia.

Handy Tips For Driving In Australia

Lets get to the most important bit about driving around Australia.

Drive on the Left

As mentioned earlier, we drive on the left side down under, which is the right side of the road for driving! Right?! Yeah, it even confuses me sometimes after having lived in the States previously for 4 years.

Avoid Peak Times and Know City limits

Just like any big city, Australia’s major cities can be congested, so it’s best to avoid driving in the Central Business District (CBD) especially during early morning and late afternoon peak times.

Know How To Fill Up In Australia

For our foreign friends, we fill up at Petrol Stations, otherwise known as Service Stations, or colloquially “Servos”. At the servo we put petrol in the car, not gas!

Know your petrol type

Most Aussie cars run off Unleaded Petrol (ULP), others (especially 4WDs and trucks) use Diesel, and a smaller minority of cars have been converted to Liquefied Natural Gas (LPG).

Beware of road trains

Road trains (multi-trailer trucks) are a special hazard in the Outback. These monster trucks can reach lengths of up to 55 metres, with up to four trailers, so treat them with care and respect.

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