The Diverse and Beautiful Olympic National Park, Washington

There are incredible things to do in Olympic National Park and it’s a place you can come to find not only solace and silence, but also endless adventures! 

Mountains – Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge is the most accessible Olympic mountain range in the park, located only 17 miles from Port Angeles, the largest town near Olympic NP. 

Klahhane Ridge Trail

The full loop trail was going to be 5 miles round trip and steep for the last section of it, so we decided to walk as far as we could and then turn around. 

Lakes in Olympic National Park

If you want to experience serenity and calm water activities in the Olympic Park Washington, then escape to its striking alpine and sub-alpine lakes of all shapes, sizes and colors. 

Lake Crescent

This 12 mile long sapphire-colored lake sparkles, and it was here, at Lake Crescent Lodge (formerly Singer’s Tavern) that President Franklin Roosevelt decided to authorize the surrounding wilderness as a national park. 

Lake Quinault

You can come here for lakeside summer fun including kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and miles of trails through lush rainforest groves and 6 champion conifer trees!