Known for its aviation history, this tiny town with less than 3,500 residents packs a punch. It may be small, but there are plenty of things to do in Longreach that make it worthy of a visit.

Longreach will amaze and surprise you. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, even if we did visit during a drought!

Things to Do in Longreach

Here’s what to do in Longreach, Outback Queensland for anyone thinking of making a stop here.

Learn About Aviation at The Qantas Founders Museum

Visiting this museum helps you to get to know the soul of this iconic Aussie brand and to see the Australian grit behind it that has been part of our culture since white people arrived to try and tame this harsh and unforgiving land.

You can take a guided tour of the aircraft outside, which lets you know the significance of each plane and how each part of the plane helps keep the plane up and safe. The Jet Tour is 90 minutes and takes you behind the scenes on their two jet aircraft, the Boeing 747 and 707.

Visit Australian Stockmen’s Hall of Fame

What I really connected to in this museum was how much the culture of White Australia grew from the Outback and the stockman. The jackeroos and jillaroos and how they tried their best to tame a wild land.

It was fascinating to learn more of the story as you wandered through the exhibits. I recommend first watching the movie to give you a great perspective and overview of the stockman’s story.

Take A Camden Park Station Sunset Tour

It was so tranquil. I felt like I was back in Africa, with the endless plains in front of me and a fiery red setting sun. We enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine and some nibbles as part of the tour, whilst the kids enjoyed time with their new friends.

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