If you’ve never been to Dubbo before, you’re in for a treat. With just 39,000 residents, it’s a tiny city, and known for its red earthy landscape.

In fact, Dubbo translates to “red earth” or “misty” in aboriginal tongue, so you can imagine the kind of desolate, remote landscape it has.

Things To Do in Dubbo With Kids

In this guide, T and Leah have shared their top attractions in Dubbo so you can decide what to do on your visit.

Explore Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Spreading across 300 hectares of bushland and integrated grasslands, the zoo is home to over 700 animals from five of the world’s continents. The large space provides ample room for animals to free roam – exactly how zoos should be!

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is an all weather location. Whether it’s sunny, overcast or drizzling with rain, I’m pretty certain the whole family will have a blast. The free roaming enclosures mean that you can see each animal type in a near to natural habitat. It’s almost like seeing them in the wild!

Visit Old Dubbo Gaol

A trip to the Old Dubbo Gaol must be included on your itinerary if you’re staying in the area. It’s an opportunity for you to step back in time with the kids and, if framed well, won’t be scary at all.

Marvel at Wellington Caves

Wellington Caves is the most significant site for mammal fossils in the world with those found here ranging in age from 30,000 to 4 million years! You can even take part in fossil finding sessions here.

At the Wellington Cave site, you can take a guided tour of Cathedral Cave, Gaden Cave and the Phosphate Mine. They are spread out across the day, so I highly recommend choosing your preferred caves in advance and identifying their tour times so you don’t miss out.

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