Cyprus is a stunning Mediterranean island that offers visitors sun, sea and incredible sightseeing.

It’s friendly locals welcome you with a smile, and the pace gets turned down a notch, allowing you to simply kick back and relax and let the stresses of daily life ebb away.

Things to Do in Cyprus

Whether it’s your first time visiting Cyprus or you’ve been before, you must make sure you add these unmissable Cyprus attractions to your itinerary.

Visit The Adonis Baths

According to Legend, the crystal-clear waters of the bubbling spring marks where the Greek God Adonis and Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love used to bathe.

See Turtles at Lara Bay

Moving eastwards along the coastline our eyes alight upon Lara Bay. This is a protected area for loggerhead turtles which return every summer to lay their eggs.

Go Skiing in the Troodos Mountains

Located in the center of the island is the Troodos Mountains, the largest mountain range on the island. For the adventurer traveler, a ski trip to the Troodos is a must!

Check Out the Kykkos Monastery

The Kykkos Monastery is one of the wealthiest and most famous monasteries in the country. It’s full name is the Holy Monastery of the Virgin of Kykkos and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Visit Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque

Aside from the beautiful surroundings, the mosque is one of the most important landmarks in Turkey.

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