Australia has way more to offer than lazing on beaches, surfing great waves, and sipping on world-class wine.

In fact, Australia has such a huge collection of bucket list experiences and notable attractions, that it can be difficult narrowing down the list and selecting only the most unmissable things to do.

Unmissable Things To Do In Australia

These are the adventures and attractions we loved the most, and feel are bucket list moments not to be missed.

The Great Beach Drive from Noosa to Fraser Island

Awesome beach driving, whales breaching from shore, dingos coming up to say hi (be very careful of them) beachfront campsites, and the awesome champagne pools – perfect and safe for a refreshing dip, as the ocean is a little sharky.

See The Horizontal Falls, Western Australia

A narrow opening between two escarpments creates the Horizontal Falls – and there are two of them! The tides in this region are some of the biggest in the world and can reach a difference of up to 12 metres.

Hike In Hancock Gorge, Western Australia

Karijini is one of Australia’s best national parks and is full of incredible hikes through spectacular chasms and marbled rock tunnels to reach cool rock pools and-and waterfalls.

Hiking Mt Kosciusko, NSW

We made it to the Lookout and delighted in seeing the snowy roof of Australia, but after having to hide behind the rock so the biting wind did not blow us away, we decided it was safer to turn back around.

Rottnest Island Bike Ride, Western Australia

Hire bikes on the island and head off for an adventure everyone will enjoy, especially the kids. If you’re full of stamina and strength, you can do the entire 22km ride around the island and see some of the wilder beaches on the Western part of the island.

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