Do you find the flashing neon lights of Las Vegas a little overwhelming and are seeking a natural respite?

Then you may want to pack up your car and drive only a short distance to Lake Mead, Nevada’s cleanest lake.

Things to Do at Lake Mead

Visiting Lake Mead is one of the most awesome day trips from Las Vegas, because it’s so close and yet there are so many things to do at Lake Mead.

Go Camping near Lake Mead

We spent a week camping right on the shores of Lake Mead. We couldn’t have asked for a more serene and naturally beautiful setting.

Take A Lake Mead Cruise

Don’t miss the opportunity to get out on the water and do one of the Lake Mead cruises. If you have your own boat that works well too! If you don’t, find a friend, rent one, or join a 90-minute Desert Princess Cruise, a paddle wheeler boat.

Marvel at The Hoover Dam

You can easily go from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam as a day trip, join a tour, or, if you are staying on Lake Mead, it’s right in your neck of the woods.

Don’t Miss The Northshore Drive

I loved looking out for miles over the Muddy Mountains, the Bowl of Fire, and the road we just drove along.

Bike The River Mountains Loop Bike Trail

With a gain in elevation in one section of about 500 feet in less than a mile, it’s not going to be an easy bike ride, but I’m sure you’ll have fun.

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