Long Flights are Not Good with a Toddler; they will hate the restricted space. 

Plane Journeys are Taxing with Toddlers 

This was probably one of the most stressful experiences in Thailand. Usually, when we are driving at home, the girls are strapped in and you can have down time. It’s one of the only places you can as a parent.

Toddlers Need Car Seats 

Toddlers Need a Pram 

Prams are helpful for getting around and naps when you are out. It’s also a gigantic pain in the arse to haul this extra luggage and to navigate crooked Thai streets and busy Sky trains. 

Meal Time is a Nightmare 

Usually, toddlers are pretty fussy eaters. Changing to new food can prove a headache as they refuse to try new things and you have to resort to fries and cheese sandwiches, which cost more. 

Toddlers Can’t Really Entertain Themselves 

This is not me saying I don’t want to play with my kids or give them attention, I just find it draining to do it every minute of every hour. 

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