The Best Underground London Tours

Although many of the city’s most notable sites are above ground, you will find that there is a lot of history, remarkable works of engineering, and stories to be told, underneath the Earth.

If riding in black cabs and queuing at Madame Tussauds is not your thing any more, then try looking below the surface to escape the crowds.

The Best Underground London Tours

To help you out, I’ve listed some of my favorite underground London tours that take you through lost tunnels and uncover parts of London you didn’t know were there.

Cabinet War Rooms

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Blitz with a trip down into the historic Cabinet War Rooms.

Chislehurst Caves

This network of 8000-year-old caves in the greater London area is an unexpected treat. The caves, which extend for 20 miles, were initially created as a result of flint and chalk mining.

The London Bridge Experience and London Tomb

This former plague pit has been given a Hollywood-inspired makeover and now boasts state-of-the-art special effects and live actors, to bring London’s bloody history to life.

Tour of the London underground

You’re sure to have a renewed respect for the tube after this two-hour tour of the world’s oldest underground metro system.

Brunel’s underground tunnel

Once known as the eighth wonder of the world, the tunnel was reopened in 2010 as part of the London Overground. You can now descend into The Grand Entrance Hall at the tunnel shaft and even discover a secret chamber.

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